Baguio Day 3: Baguio Cathedral, Burnham Park, Home.

Foggy skyline of Baguio
After Under the Tree Book Cafe, we passed by Baguio Cathedral.
At the moment we stepped on the gate of the cathedral, the fog started blanketing the view again.

 Hayyy, we're about to leave Baguio after an hour. Goodbye, fog... -_-
Baguio Cathedral On-going Mass
Our Lady of Atonement / Baguio Cathedral

After this Cathedral, we started walking again because we had to go back to Hotel Veniz. Since we already have a cognitive map of Baguio in our mind, we just walked until we reached Session Road and then when we were already near Hotel Veniz, we took the long cut so we could pass by Burnham Park again. 
Burnham Park Sign
Burnham Park is at the heart of Baguio and is considered as the "Mother of all Parks" in the Summer Capital of the Philippines.
Foggy Burnham Park
Fog at Burnham Park
Unlike our first day when it rained so hard, Burnham Park was just foggy that afternoon. Thick fog that is but tourists were enjoying themselves nonetheless. That's the allure of Baguio anyway. Maka-refer sa ibang tao as tourists, e noh? Locals kasi kami. Haha.
I don't watch American series but my friend said that this place was like a scene taken out from the Walking Dead. 

This is what Burnham Park looks like on a foggy afternoon. Personally, it's dreamy more than eerie. 
Last picture before going back to our hotel, before leaving the Summer Capital of the Philippines... :))
We rode a taxi to the terminal of Victory Liner only to find out that the ETD of the tickets they were selling was at 2AM. It's not like we have the time and the money to lengthen our stay so we decided to take chances and walked to Dagupan Bus Terminal to check. 
Thick fog at SM Baguio. Grabe... <3 Weird ko. Hahaha.
From Victory Liner, we walked (directionless. kahit saan. walang tanong-tanong kung nasa tamang lugar ba kami) until we reached SM. As what I've mentioned in one of my last post, finding the way to a place was easier for me if I use SM Baguio as my starting point.

And there, our bus left at 6 PM which was just in time to catch the sunset while driving down the zigzag and picturesque road of Kennon.

Must find a place along Kennon Road to see the sunset once again when we go back to Baguio someday. Haaaay.

This is the end of our Baguio 2014. :))
HOPIA like it.

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