Jeepney Boodle Fight Restaurant, Maginhawa Street

Maginhawa Street in Teacher's village is already a well-known street to foodies and students but it has now elevated its status from Quezon City's delicious secret to Quezon City food street. During the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Quezon City last Saturday, the said street celebrated the very first Food Festival which caught the attention of many and thus, Maginhawa Street became more popular that a lot of people have been wanting to visit and take a look of all the affordable hole-in-the-wall restaurants in the area. 
This is the from Jeepney Restaurant extension somewhere along Maginhawa. 
They also have board games (tables) to be enjoyed by bored people. K. Hahaha. 

Our orders were these Pork BBQ sticks which I liked. The meat  was grilled just right and the taste was okay. hahahaha.
Chicken BBQ
I think they chopped it this way to be eaten easily but I like my chicken not chopped. Also, I liked the pork BBQ more.

More than these budget meals, I think Jeepney is more famous as a boodle fight restaurant (DUH nasa pangalan na nga. Hahahaha.) Basta, you'd see a lot of customers who prefer to boodle fight that to eat this way.

Sobrang AHHH OK ko lang kasi mag-describe ng pagkain kaya nilagyan ko na ng ganitong klaseng ratings pag magpo-post ako ng mga restaurants. Bakit SAYA at hindi SARAP? Hindi kasi ako nagde-describe ng pagkain na masarap o hindi masarap, mas gusto ko pag sinasabing masaya o hindi masaya. May mga pagkain kasing masarap pero hindi nakakasaya. Bow. Wag na intindihin plez. :)))

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