$1 Bowling at South Point, Las Vegas and...

past midnight realizations and chararat. 

I've mentioned in my previous post that we went on a past midnight bowling because it was only $1 for a game and $3 for a shoe rental. And this is all you need to know. 

Several months ago, that night when I was more impulsive than usual, I booked flights.

What I was aiming to do was to travel alone for 10 days... Manila - Kuala Lumpur - Macau - Hong Kong - Macau - Manila. In a very interesting twist of events, I am now here in my apartment in Nevada so the money I spent to buy those plane tickets went to waste but the memories that I have now are priceless so.... Already spent 43 days here and still not wanting to go home. But of course, that won't happen.

If only my camera's hi-tech enough to capture that beautiful scene, if only my words are enough to precisely describe what I felt the moment I exited South Point and saw the moon there.
It's just crazy how I want to slow the time down because I'm currently enjoying where I am now and how I want my family to experience all of these things too. It's a drastic change for me and my lifestyle but it's something that I have learned to love. Pero 'yun nga, this is just a phase. I'll leave and return to the Philippines but definitely a changed person... I hope so.

Anyhow, this was South Point Casino that is offering a $1 game for the graveyard bowling. hahahaha. Daming feels. Wala namang watermark. :)))

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