MAYbe... MAY BE.

Maybe the journey isn't becoming someone but un-becoming everything we aren't to be the person we are meant to be.

And April just ended like that... :(

These are some of the pictures I took since I got here in the US exactly a month ago. I instantly fell inlove with the lifestyle, the place, and the people whom I met here so the thought of returning to the Philippines... kinda feels like, "Huwag muna, please." Even, "Ayoko na." sometimes. But the latter's not going to happen because I'm not staying nonetheless. I'll be coming back home to my real home and here's going to be "one of my homes away from home." Kasi 'yun nga, kahit may konting change of heart kasi goodbyes are painful and I don't like to do it over and over again... gusto ko pa rin maranasan tumira sa iba't ibang bansa kahit ganitong ma-inlove ako sa klase ng buhay, kahit paulit-ulit mangyari, sige lang, kasi 'yun ang gusto ko, hindi panghabang buhay na paglipat, konti lang... May the odds always be in my favor. May I always be safe. 

So enough for that kasi di pa naman ako uuwi sa ngayon.
It's cold here in Vegas. People would tell me how hot it's going to be in the summer (pero wala na ko nun haha) so even if I want to complain that it's soooooo cold even 6 degrees Celsius on some nights, I don't.

One freezing night while walking along Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall, I saw a gelato stand selling matcha gelato. Being someone who've been craving for a good matcha, I went to the stall and asked if I can have a sample of it. I was so happy upon tasting it and he noticed that. HAHAHA. You like matcha, huh? YES!!! A lot!!!!

The seller told me that if I buy a scoop then he's going to give me five scoops and only charge me for one. Gave in to the offer. I got five scoops!!! 
Driving along the Interstate 15 (runs from Los Angeles, California to Salt Lake City, Utah if I'm not mistaken), we were told that there's still snow in Mt. Charleston. Omg!!!!!! I have no winter clothes but still decided to go the day after. My first snow experience and even if my legs were almost numb because of the cold, it was wonderful. Autumn soon... somewhere.
As much as I am loving all the commercializations and the attractions that are in found in Las Vegas, I'm in the pursuit of visiting all the National Parks I can go to especially the Grand Canyon of Arizona. Huhuhu. Hopefully I can go and visit more before I go back to the Philippines. I don't really know how as well but Yosemite, San Francisco, Monument Valley, and Lake Tahoe plsssss. 

And someday too,  I'll have a picture with the real London Eye, Eifell Tower, Arc Du Triomphe... I don't know how it's going to happen but it will. I know it will;))

This was taken at Ethel M Chocolate Factory's Cactus Area. There are a lot of species of cactus here. Haha. But the main reason why I'm posting this is because I am alone when I went here. Yesssssss namaaaaaaan.  I still haven't tried eating alone outside the apartment but I've went on a far away place alone already sooo... As if naman hindi pa malayo 'to, noh. Haha. 

Saka it was so hot and the sun was shining so bright but my hair color looks best when it's being hit by sunlight so while walking here, some people were like, "Ohh! Your hair color's so gorgeous!" o edi ako na. 

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
Super pretty!!!

I'll post more about our trip there soon. I am having a hard time blogging using my phone so I am not able to update this as often as I want to. Before going here, the only canyon I knew was Grand Canyon so this was a surprise. I am just happy that I am able to find ways. Haha. Lakas maka-BDO. 

Valley of Fire, Nevada

The only words I said when we went there were, "Grabe!!!!! Super pretty."

Nature and its way of putting things into perspective. I'm inlove. ❤ I'm inlove with the way parks like these are maintained. I wish that Philippines would have scenic drives like this. Dami rin naman tayong bundok o ibang tourist attractions, mas maayos lang na sistema pero hindi lang sistema actually eh, nasa tao pa rin.

Segway sa election... Hay, may God bless the Philippines. 

Wala naman kasi sa presidente ang pagbabago. Nasa mga sarili pa rin natin. I just hope you, guys elect the most deserving and efficient candidate. 

This was taken at the Interstate 15 while on our way home from our graveyard shift bowling at Southpoint Hotel. It was almost dawn when I took this picture. Wala lang. Emote sa kotse. Also, it was the day when I was starting to question why there aren't a lot of stars here in our apartment complex e desert to then hours later, we went back to town (2 am) and there I noticed that the stars were twinkling brightly and a crescent moon was also in view. Inisip ko lang na 'yung mga bagay na gusto natin, minsan kailangan talaga natin mag-effort para mahanap eh. God's grace and blessings are always available. All we have to do is ask and act to get them. Effort pa rin. 

Medyo sad kasi I am supposed to go to the Grand Canyon today but opted to stay home so there's this feeling of regret but not a lot, I'll find ways. Hahahaha. Reminder lang na in order for us to be blessed, we have to be always prepared. Hindi man spoon feeding to. Saka, at times like this na nakakahinayang. Knowing that there are tomorrows feels lighter. Kasi everything happens in its own time.

Haaay, grand canyon!!!!! Helicopter tour and Skydiving pls, universe.  Hahaha. 

Haaaay... I'm just really, really, really grateful for all these.

Always yes to bolder adventures

May God bless us and all our plans.

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