USA 2016: M&M's World, Las Vegas

I always forget that I should take more pictures using my phone because I didn't bring my laptop with me so I have no means of transferring those pictures from my camera. -_-

Anyhow, these pictures were taken at M&M's World, Las Vegas at Showcase Mall, Las Vegas Boulevard beside MGM Hotel.

Imagine my excitement when we finalized our schedule for that day and one itinerary was M&M's World.

The tubes filled with various colors and kinds of M&M chocolates were one of those I have always wanted to see... and purchase. Haha!
For me, this is the highlight of the whole store. Hahaha. I wasn't supposed to buy any that day but...

Can't resist. 

The products sold there are actually more expensive but they're the "touristy" ones like this one in the picture. I'll go back here and buy some before I go back to the Philippines. 

Oh yea. Hahaha.

M&M's at my back.

If I could have one of those all for me then it would be great... and diabetes. Haha! 

M&M's World has four floors of M&M goodies and goodness so head over there. Also, look for Ate Ruth. She'll be more than glad to have you there.

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