One Plus Coffee, Circuit, Makati

One (overwhelming) thing about being a food blogger is people asking me for opinions regarding food establishments. I remember I've faced questions regarding co-working spaces here in Quezon City but I don't know of any.

Thanks to One Plus Coffee, it's not anymore "I don't know" but "I know one in Makati."

One Plus Coffee is both a co-working space and a coffee shop in Circuit, Makati. Although it was built with start-ups in mind, it still got a following of friends and families as soon as they introduced their meals. 

I love the interior of One Plus Coffee. In today's world, it's very Instagrammable.
They have a fast internet connection, long tables that are convenient for meetings and group studies and hanging wires where you can charge your gadgets such as laptops and cellphones. 

With Aldous and Jam, I got to try One Plus Coffee's food selections and here they are below:

Caesar Salad 

Russian Salad

Both salads are straightforward, though I prefer the former more than the latter. Not only does it have a lot of bacon on top, haha, I am not usually a fan of olives. 

Szechuan Shrimp Balls

This was a new item in their menu. Something that I know I'd love even when chef just introduced this to us. This was sweet and tangy. The coating was crispy but the middle part remained soft and paired very well with its special sauce. 

As you've probably know by now (if you read this blog), I don't drink coffee but I still took a sip of both of these drinks.

Dark Devil and Nutella Mocha

I just don't know which is which. Anyway, as per its name, Nutella Mocha is a milder version of a hot coffee latte with a hint of Hazelnut and Chocolate. 

Caffeine is strong but Pasta is STRONGER! :)))))

Meaty Baked Lasagna

It's a perfect combination of meat, tomato and white sauce. Heavy enough for a dinner that will fill you up for an all-nighter.

Aglio Olio

I am not into spicy food but I told chef that this has to be my favorite of all.

You can taste the strong garlic flavor in this one though not overpowering and it's quite spicy that it's not "nakakaumay" As soon I told chef, he answered that this is actually their bestseller. Good job, taste buds for knowing which is which. lol. 

Yep. These days, offline is the new luxury. 

These two drinks above that look similar confused us. One is bitter because it's latte machiatto and the other one is sweet because it's Thai Latte. I loved the latter though plus it has a bonus whipped cream on top.

On the first bite, these wings were just plain sweet but after a while, your tongue would welcome that spiciness that's perfectly paired with their special sauce. 

 The drinks that were served that night.

Kiwi Lemonade and Sexy Cucumber Lemon are also in the picture. Yoko na lang sabihin kasi buti pa siya sexy... haha

I'm always practicing what I post when it comes to matcha. Adik ako online. Adik pa rin ako offline. :)))

Second to matcha, I loved their Alluring Strawberry Mocha too. Never mind the mocha, the strawberry tasted fresh and sweet. 

Their version of Potato Chips are big and thinly sliced potatoes that would make you reach for more even if you've eaten a lot already. 

Long tables are perfect for large groups, these round tables are perfect for smaller groups. 

I don't demand and just eat what's in front but that night, I had to ask for a matcha drink. Why? Because matcha. You can rarely go wrong with matcha. :))

"Kyah, pembarya."


"Kuya, may drawing ba 'yung matcha latte ninyo?"

He looked at me as if he was confused as to what I was saying and then answered, "Pwede naman po."

Only when he left did I realize that I should've said "Latte Art" instead of "drawing"

I like their hot latte more than their cold matcha latte not only because it has latte art and I'm so maarte but because it tastes more matcha. Yah know. Bitter matcha for bitter me. Char. 

The place's interior is very conducive and peaceful that it feels like you'll get a lot of good ideas and inspirations. 

They have a room that you can rent for meetings as well. 

Great Minds

Thank you po for having us!

It was also an intimate food event for us three, Jam and Aldous.

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