Random Beach Resort in Subic

I am of no help if you're going to ask me the name of this place.

Pero ito 'yung pinakauna/pinakadulo na pababa, worn out resort, meron pa ba dun area. Hahahaha. 

We were out in Subic and unfortunately, the resort (where we were expecting to bathe at) doesn't allow guests to swim at the beach.... beachfront pero bawal mag beach kasi raw maraming yachts/boats. 

We drove out of SBMA, ito 'yung daan pag pumupunta kaming Zambales. There are a lot of resorts in that area, the problem is the first we resort we went out, there were a lot of people so we had to find another. And we found this. 

Walang ibang tao.
Walang kahit ano.

Looking at it, it's kind of beautiful but as usual, you can't really expect a clean beach at that side of Olongapo anymore. 

Not the cleanest but a whole lot better than the condition of the beach we went at in Nasugbu, Batangas. 

My two new friends with bottle of Coca-cola as their floaters. 

We put all the bones in one plastic bag to take home to our dogs but this "local" ran away with our plastic and ate it on the table next to ours. 

All in all, it was okay since I didn't have my hopes high anyway. hahaha. lol. It's a nice place if you're with friends who are willing to settle for bare necessities and a night out at a tent since not a lot of people are in the area. May privacy. 

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