Esther's Beach Resort + Kawayan Cove, Nasugbu, Batangas

Esther's Beach Resort, Nasugbu, Batangas

We wanted to go to a beach overnight trip but we're on a very limited budget. Hence, Nasugbu, Batangas.

It was still summertime then that all resorts we tried to contact in other towns of Batangas were fully booked so we settled with Esther. "Basta may dagat at pool," we said.

Going there, we rode a bus to Nasugbu in DLTB Terminal in Taft, then tricycle to Esther. It was kind of far since the bus passes through Cavitex and would stop to pick passengers up but the travel time was bearable, took us 2-3 hours.

Esther doesn't have restaurants so it's a good thing that we ate at the fastfood before going there. We also didn't have junkfood nor drinks with us, good thing there was a sari-sari store across the street. Where we bought bottled waters, chips and... beer. haha. It was also where we had breakfast the next day.

Pool was not that big but we didn't have other guests swimming with us that time so it was like a private pool.

Esther beach resort was clean and somehow well maintained. Only had they have some dogs roaming around and some are kind of aggressive so careful to those who are afraid of dogs.

Definitely not bad for the price we paid, though I already forgot how much was it.

Sarap naman ng sizzling bangus sa dagat. Yummm. Charot

I've been to a lot of beautiful and clean beaches so eventhough it was Nasugbu beach that I had my first beach trip more than a decade ago, it didn't make the cut this time. We only swam there for like 20 minutes and left for the pool because it was dirty, it felt too dirty.

Dun mo pwedeng kantahin 'yung kanta ni Manny Villar na, "Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura?"

If you bathe here with a white tshirt, don't expect a white tshirt when you leave the beach. Yes. That dirty.

I've blogged about the beaches in Cavite and Zambales, you may refer to those too.

There was only one restaurant in the area because the fastfoods are still a tricycle away.

"Kainan sa Dalampasigan"

In all fairness, the food were good and the interior of the restaurants were as well. It's a mix of a garden and rustic setting.

When we got back to the resort, we were hoping to drink beer by the shore. Inpired by "I'm drunk, I love you" but they had to lock the gate so we had no choice but to stay inside the resort.

Since Nasugbu's beach didn't satisfy our need for Vitamin Sea, we decided to take the boat ride to the nearest cove - the Kawayan Cove a.k.a the fallback/ the redeeming beach of all who were disappointed by Nasugbu. Lol.

We were told that there are corals and snorkeling site in this cove but didn't find one. Maybe in the farther areas 'cause all I saw were plastics. :(

May leeg ako.

Compared to Nasugbu's coastline, it was definitely a lot more beautiful and cleaner though there were still garbages around.

Entrance is free but that doesn't mean that there's no need for maintenance.

So there, head for Kawayan Cove or better yet, the locals were talking about Papaya Cove. Just go there for a more beautiful beach experience, para hindi ka naman maligo sa dagat ng basura.

Hope that they salvage the place before it gets totally destroyed by trash.

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