Gastropark Inifinity, Kapitolyo, Pasig

Gastropark Infinity in Pasig will not only satisfy your hunger pangs but will also be able to provide you with art designs and food that are very "Instagrammable"

Upon entering, you'll see this swing with the Gastropark sign as the backdrop.
Any my dream picture... in Pasig.

Hahaha! I have always been fond of galaxy pictures and they have this painting on their wall.
With slight edit, mine looked like this.

A lot of people asked me what phone/camera I used and where this was because according to them, it looked legit. :))
Well, it is legit tho. Kasi wall painting lang naman 'yan.

Naka food park ka lang pero umabot ng galaxy. hehehe.
I'll start this post with the pictures of the  food stalls in Gastropark.

Btw, they now have their promos wherein each food stall has their "unli menu".

Meron silang pagkain na unlimited serving.

Taipei Kita
Taipei Kita, unli tofu bites!

Metromeat's Unli Bacon at P 249.00
Their longganisa burger's a must try, guys! 
Tokyo Tempura

Ball Shack

Mac and Cheese Balls... get some balls! :))

Brick Plate
 Chxy Wings
The Masala Bar
Loved their quesadilla!
Akala mo sweet pero... nothing naman pala.

 We started the night with this challenge from Tolyo's. That night is something to be proud of 'cause we finished our first fish bowl iced tea. hahaha!

I'm not fond of eating spicy food but I was challenged. Literally challenged that I tried to eat as much as I can.......... hahahaha.. Not a good idea. lol. That was the first time in all the fish bowl iced teas we were given in other events that we finished one. Congrats, Tolyo's! The challenge will be very much loved by those who fancy spicy food.
Hi, Aldous!

Mac and Cheese Balls! Tatlong heart.
 Garlic Parmesan of Chxy was good!
 This, I think, was my favorite for that night. The Masala's Bar version of quesadilla.
 Sweet Nothing

Make sure to take pictures of this fast  because the cotton candy on top melts fast too.
 A dessert from Taipei Kita looks like a small plant... looks interesting, tastes delicious.
 Just when you thought you've had enough of the salted egg craze, they'll serve you salted egg tempura.
I like this because it's an interesting twist to a now common food.

  Very tender and presented with flambe.

Shake the world a better place

Matcha like it! <3
  Longganiza burger of Metromeat

Thank you for having us, Gastropark and Aldous for organizing this event! :) 

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