Pitmasters Smokehouse BBQ, Kapitolyo, Pasig

I don't frequent Kapitolyo area... not these days. :)) Anyway, with Team Aldous, we went to Pitmasters Smokehouse BBQ in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

It was a flavorful and filling night for all of us.

The three main sauces that are found in the tables of Pitmasters: East Capitol, Hazelnut, and Apple.

Out of the three, my favorite was East Capitol.

Started the night with these three appetizers. 

Pit Caesar Salad
P 240.00

Kanta na tayo ng that's the way u-huh, u-huh, I like it. :))

Their version of Caesar salad has bacon strips on top...... and can you actually go wrong with bacon?! Pitsmasters Smokehouse take pride in their homemade bacon. It's really good though! Smoked and crispy. 

Chicken Skin
P 145.00

Eaten on its own, this one might be too sweet for some people since it's covered in honey sauce. Paired with beer though and squeezed with some lemon juice, this turned out pretty okay. 

Pulled Pork Roll
P 200.00

This one is my favorite of all the appetizers and it's mainly because how the roll compliments the dip. Yep, that's crispy fried rolls with pulled pork inside dipped in very tasty kesong puti dip. Oks, hinga bes, alam kong nagugutom ka na rin...

Truffle Pizza
P 370.00

Bacon and Mushroom
P 370.00

I'm sorry Bacon and Mushroom but I'll go for the Truffle Pizza (lolz. type of mushroom diba 'yung truffle?) anytime. The combination of truffle, bechamel sauce, and romano cheese on top of a thin crust kept me going back to get a slice of this pizza. 

But wait, 'yung beer?! 'YUNG CRAFT BEERS. GANUN NA LANG 'YUN? SNOB?! Hahaha. All caps talaga, mej lasinggera. HAHAHA.

Syempre, di ko makakalimutan 'yun. :))

From left to right

Toasted Marshmallow, Hazelnut, Banana, and Brown Sugar Cinnamon

While we were still there, I already texted my "beer friends" that we should go back to Kapitolyo and drink Toasted Marshmallow. That's how good it was! 

But I'm a social drinker lang, noh....

and above are sangrias.

That was the first time I drank sangria so I have no idea how it should taste like but between the two, I prefer the red sangria. Probably because it has red wine, which taste, is more familiar to me.


Di ko alam kung paano ko ituturo pero ayun oh, 'yung ribs sa bandang gitna, huhu, it's so tender and flavorful! You won't even have a hard time separating the meat and the bone. Perfectly paired with their East Capitolyo sauce.

That night we were able to taste two of their meat platters.

One platter costs P 1,500.

And you get generous amount of smoked meats: sausage, angus beef, ribs, bacon and roast chicken.

Each platter you get to choose four kinds of sides. Unfortunately, I lost the list of their available side dishes but my favorites were the corn cob, kamote fries, and kimchi rice. 

Alam mo 'yung suko ka na but wait, may pasta. :))

Four Cheese Mac and Cheese Pasta
P 140.00

I was quite surprised how it looks like that it's almost neon yellow and soon enough when I had a spoonful, it's turmeric that they used to achieve that kind of color. Very unique!

Angus Meatballs Pasta
P 180.00

Kung hindi lang marami kinain ko, mauubos ko 'yan eh. :))
It a classic sour kind of tomato pasta but it's perfect paired with the tenderness of the Angus meatballs.

Truffle Pasta
P 180.00

I think it's their version of carbonara. Creamy and savory. 

Ended the night with these gelato from Manila Creamery

Manila Creamery, UPTC review: here. 

Thank you, Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ and Aldous for inviting me. :))

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64 East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo
Pasig 1603

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