The Yard: Streetfood Cinema, Timog

The other night we were able to try some  a lot of food that are offered at the newest food park here in Quezon City - The Yard: Streetfood Cinema. It's the first ever cinema and food park here in Metro Manila. 

As you enter the place, you'd notice that the food stalls are all in theme. Their concessionaires have movie/series-based themes such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Monsters Inc., Lion King and so much more.

Good thing I stayed...

Infairness, gusto ko 'yung effect ng lighting dun sa The Yard. Ang ganda. 

Naughty Nachos' Mouth Breather

Nachos with cheese, bacon and jalapeno bits.

Grab your beer and this nachos especially for those who are into spicy food. The serving is quite big so if you're a group of 2-3 then this will last a long time of kwento.

House of Griddle

Bunless Burger Patty
Beef Bulgogi

I wish I can sit down and eat these two but since we were served a lot of food that night, I was only able to taste the viand. I loved the sauce of the bunless burger but it's their beef bulgogi that I kept reaching for. It's very flavorful and tender. 

We were busy taking pictures of the food and it was quiet when somebody from the second floor shouted. Naturally, all the attention went to them and that's when I learned that The Yard Quenchers serve drink in a very creative and interactive way. What happens is that they will ask you to wear props and be like Hulk or Thor before you get to drink the cocktail and ask you to hit the table.... ooops, the whole thing is for you to see when you get there.

Crazy Cream

Crazy Puff
Wasabi Ice Cream

The meringue isn't too sweet, just the way I like mine. The nitrogen (smoke) makes it more interesting than just having to eat it plain. This is perfect for sweet toothed people. 

Wasabi Ice Cream was interesting as well. It initially is sweet and after a while, you'll be able to taste the wasabi in it. It wasn't that spicy but the wasabi taste is there.

Smokey Wazowski from Stuff It

This cheese burger has everything that I like in a burger - bacon, onion ring, and a flavorful patty. 

Top Dawgs

I've already blogged about them when I first tried their hotdog sandwich in a food park in Maginhawa. And just like before, I love everything in this bun. I love pesto and though it's (pesto and hotdog bun) not something I would've thought on my own, the flavor combination from Top Dawgs works.

Crazy Sushi MNL

Crazy Ramen Long

Do you know someone one who tears paper whenever he/she is talking on the phone? Or is it just me? :)) I placed this Crazy Ramen Long in front of me while having conversation and I would break a piece and eat. I jokingly told them, "Ito 'yung bagay ipakain sa hindi umiinom pero nakiki-pulutan." I love how crunchy the noodles is. Wala lang. Ang sarap papakin! Hindi ko nga tinigilan eh. hahaha!

Pitmaster Grill

Grilled Pork Belly

Perfectly cooked and flavorful. The BBQ and the pork belly were tender. 

The God Pasta

Bulalo Pasta

This was placed on the other end of our table and when I came near here, I first wondered if it was pasta or pancit 'cause  of the bulalo bone in the center. And so I got bite of the meat and it  was very tender, I also got some of the pasta and I loved it at first bite. I think this one is carbonara-based which wasn't overly creamy. I am surprised that this tasted better than I expected. Good job, The God Pasta! Must try!

Tikka Tikka Shawarma Burrito

Tikka Beef

tikka, tikka, ano ba 'to? Char. :))

Tipong can't decide if you want shawarma or shawarma rice, get yourself a shawarma burrito. 

Pipa Pizza

Shawarma Pizza

This was my favorite of all the food that we had that night. It tasted simple but the flavors complimented each other so well. I loved the crunchy crust that is made from thin tacos. 'Yun nga, dahil manipis, pinagpatong ko na, besh 'yung dalawa sa isang kagat! hahaha

Above Sea Level

BIG HUUUUUUUUG bago kita kainin!

You'd see a lot of tables having Above Sea Level's Butterfly Squid so I guess this one's a crowd favorite. Can't blame them because it's tender and not rubbery. I love this with a vinegar dip.

Mac and Chicks

Sriracha Wings

I was about to grab one when I asked what the flavor was and it was sriracha. Luh. Haha. I'm not good in eating spicy food so I was hesitant but I still got one. Well, it wasn't that spicy. Ito na, guys, chance mag sriracha na hindi masyado maanghang oh! 

Cold Layer Cafe

I know that with chocolate you can rarely go wrong but there are some that go overboard resulting to an overly sweet dessert. Thankfully, that isn't the case with Cold Layer Cafe. There are more than three kinds of chocolate topping above but since the ice cream wasn't too sweet, I enjoyed this a lot. 

Quarter Chicken by A Taste of Africa

They say that you'd get to know a lot about a country when you taste their cuisine. Anyway, Africa is one of my dream countries and I've long wanted to try their cuisine but it's not a usual one here in the Philippines. So I was surprised when I saw A Taste of Africa in The Yard. Their peri-peri is uniquely served hanging like that. I am not into spicy food so the chicken was completely fine to me but you might like it more dipped in their special sauce. 

Q'urros Spanish Donuts

Chimney Twirls

Hakuna Patata

Get your potato fix from Hakuna Patata.

These balls has beef inside and the sauce is the one in the syringe. The sauce has activated charcoal which explains the color. 

Lord of the Ribs

Ribs Popcorn
Ribs Dynamite

Dyanamite. :)) Tawang tawa ko rito. Tapang ko pa eh. 

I got one and immediately took a bite of their dyanamite. 'Yung first bite, di ko nakagat 'yung chili and so I had another one..... hahahahaha OMG INUMIN PLEASE. :))) It was spicy perfect for people who love spicy food but something not for me, I'd have the Ribs Popcorn anytime. 

My open cinema dreams just came true! :))
In case you're wondering where the outdoor cinema is, they're still assembling it but the picture above will be where they're gonna put the projector for all the diners to see. 

Some people I know told me that they're tired of going to food parks since they're all the same. Well, it's good that Streetfood Cinema has started operating so I have something to show those people. I'm really into the movie themed stalls - the concessionaires and The Yard are impressively creative that you'd want to go through each stall just so you'd see how they named their food (and stalls) which are all in line with the theme. It's a whole new level a food park concept so expect not only delicious and reasonably priced food options but also a unique experience when you dine here.

This foodpark is a three storey food park with ample parking space so there will definitely be something for everyone.

The Yard Streetfood Cinema

4 PM - 2 AM

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