Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder and Blur Powder Review

This is a review of Innisfree's No Sebum Mineral Powders

No-Sebum Blur Powder
No-Sebum Mineral Powder

with Jeju natural mineral and natural originated mint

which do I like more?

Let's see. 

 Both contains only 5g of product so this is kind of small but small amount of product goes a long way already.

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Innisfree Mineral Powder

Mineral Powder is translucent. 

You can also feel that there's a slight cooling effect when you apply it on your face. The powder of this one is very fine to the point that the container dispenses too much even with the slightest shake. 

 Blur Powder has a light beige tint to it.  This one is clumpy compared to the mineral powder so there's more control since there's more effort to get the container dispense the product you need.

I only use the puff that comes with these powders. 

Above, I'm wearing the No-Sebum Mineral Powder.

I like the feel of the No-Sebum more whenever I apply it on my face. It doesn't look as if I'm wearing something at all. It feels lighter on the face especially during hot and humid days. The Blur Powder was "paasa" haha. I was expecting it to blur my huge pores like what it promised but I didn't notice any difference.

I have an oily face. With regards to oil control, on a good day I can go up to 4 hours without the need to use blotting paper but it always depend on the weather and humidity. 

 In the picture above, I used the Blur Powder on my nose and on my cheeks and Mineral Powder on my chin and forehead. 

Notice that compared to Mineral Powder, Blur Powder is more obvious. The light beige tint of the latter and my skin tone doesn't match at all. It (blur powder) also makes the shimmer of my BB cream more noticeable.

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Innisfree Mineral Powder

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