Mac n Chicks Buffalo Wings, The Yard, Streetfood Cinema

My favorite part of a chicken is the thigh part - at times when I am expecting to eat thigh, it's thigh or nothing for me. For wings, though, it's a different story since I love munching on different flavored wings (pero garlic parmesan lang naman talaga madalas) and it with sides.

My favorite flavor.

Garlic Parmesan

Their version has big flavorful pieces. The breading is crunchy but not thick. I can easily finish an order while watching the free movie on the big screen of The Yard. 

 Love the potato wedges that comes with this. Comfort food. <3

P 120.00

I haven't eaten a good lasagna in the past days. Mac n Chicks version was good on its own yet can still be paired with the chicken. 

Mac and Cheese Balls
P 140.00 

Crunchy on the outside, filled with cheesy goodness of Mac and Cheese in the inside. I love how stalls get creative with their food yet not sacrificing the taste for, you know, Instagrammable food.

Above is their menu plus the price list.

Gotta love their location in the food park, para kang nasa VIP ng sinehan. hehe. 

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