To the South Korean Visa That I WAS GRANTED (2018-2021)

 I love you. :3

2018 version isn't heartbreaking unlike 2016. 

 Visa denial last 2016 was a blessing in disguise. My South Korea trip coincided with the birthday of my father, turned out that was the last birthday that he celebrated with us since we lost him January 2017. Fast forward to this moment, I don't even remember the feeling of heartbreak that I had when I was writing this (link) post. Hehehe. Ang galing.

"If it's meant to be, it will be."

Thank you, universe.

Thank you for assuring me, once again, that everything happens for a reason. Masakit siguro initally pero as time pass by, we'll realize why things have to happen the way they did. 

Fast forward to this moment, it's not even a single entry but a multiple entry that was granted to me!!!! JUSKO. <3 Halos hindi ako makahinga habang hinihintay ko 'yung passport ko na ma-release. I can't even explain how I felt the moment the consul handed me my passport and said, "multiple entry."

This re-taught me the value of trying. Was I too heartbroken and not accepted the fact that it wasn't for me during my first try, I would've hated the first decision so much and not re-apply for a visa my whole life. Thankfully, I did the mature thing. I accepted the decision, felt the pain, waited for another chance, and tried again. 

Same thing for other trials and failures in our lives, noh? What matters most pala talaga is that WE TRY. Regardless of the result, there's always something to learn from everything.

Here comes another challenge though, funding. lolz. Pero ibang usapanan na 'yon, all I know is I'm grateful for every no that brought me to this yes. Mas kaabang-abang. Mas treasured. Sana lang makita ko sa Park Seo Joon habang nandun ako. :)))

Thank you for the lesson.
Thank you for the redirection.

Magkikita pa rin naman kami, oh. <3
Saktong Winter Olympics pa. ehehehe. 

See you, Korea Feb. 2018!!
Salamat sa pagbibigay sa'kin ng chance na 'to. My heart is happy. Sobra. 

The 1st of my nth trips to South Korea is happening soon. hihihihihi. 

God bless us all.

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