House of Griddle at The Yard, Streetfood Cinema

When I wrote the blogpost about The Yard, Streetfood Cinema, I wrote there that I wish I can sit and thoroughly enjoy the food served by House of Griddle. 

I'm not a fan of Game of Thrones. I haven't seen any episodes of it at all. haha. But for fans and viewers, seeing the food stall and food options can get a little exciting. Kinda choose your team? Is it?

House Lannister Special - Shrimp Gambas | House Stark Special - Herbed Pork | House Baratheon Special - Beef Bulgogi | House Tyrell Special - Bunless Burger Patty

Although I don't know the different teams (houses) that they have in the show, I'm still excited seeing their names (the regular names. lol) and how they're reasonably priced. 

This was what I liked when I first got to try House of Griddle but I'm a shrimp bias so...

Seriously, though.

P 169.00 for a rice meal with this much shrimp? Hmmmm... why not? Loved the shrimp and rice paired with the vinegar. 

For only P 149.00, this herbed pork was also very good. It's perfectly cooked - tender and flavorful with gravy that hits home.

A fan or not, House of Griddle surely has something that will satisfy your hunger yet not damage your budget.

The Yard, Streetfood Cinema link: here.

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