Luna Organics Mousse Blush in Tootsie Review

I got to know Luna Organics because of their Autumn and Summer Clay Blushes. It was actually those that I was ordering when I decided to get this Tootsie Mousse Blush as well. 

Mousse Blush
P 180.00/ 10 ML tube + Shipping Fee

For some reason, both the Clay Blushes didn't work for me so I'm only left with this mousse blush to review.

Tootsie shade, as per their description, is a warm rose that adds depth to your look. 

This is me without lipstick.

By the way, I haven't tried using this as blush on nor eye shadow. 

A little goes a long way with this product so that P 180.00 would really be worth it. And I read before that you can also use this as a blush and eye shadow.

 It's build-able and it is stays long on the lips unless you're gonna eat or drink 'cause based on my experience, it never lasts after a meal... if you get what I mean. (Or I can be the problem here 'cause none of my lipsticks does)

It feels light, dry and a bit powdery on the lips, perfect to be used in our weather 'cause it's not sticky but the color is there. I noticed though that if left idle for quite some time, the oil separates so you have to shake it well before using. 

I like the product as it is but I am not able to retouch whenever I use this. I dislike using my fingers in applying the product if I'm not at home so I don't bring it with me. It's either I use this if I'm not grabbing something to eat or if I am, I just bring with me another lipstick for retouching. 

For the ingredients, their mousse blushes are All vegan; Candellila wax - VCO - Grapeseed oil - Iron oxide - Shea butter

Btw, I brought it with me when I went to South Korea last winter 'cause I figured this should be mild enough to be used on my dry lips but I was only able to use it everytime we were coming out from the hotel and not for retouching when we're outside 'cause it solidified. This shouldn't be a problem in the Philippines though - baka nga ma-sobrahan pa sa tunaw kapag andito sa atin. :)))

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