Busan, South Korea: Songdo Skypark/ Songdo Cable Car

One morning, we decided to head to Songdo area for the cable car.

My friend wasn't into hiking/trekking but wanted to experience riding a cable car so I had to crossout Amnam Park Coastal Walk and reserve it for next time. :))

What we did was rode the bus all the way to the park and ride the one-way cable car from the hill to the beach. 

For the rates,

Regular Cabin is 15,000 KRW for round trip, 11,000 KRW for one-way
Crystal Cabin is 20,000 KRW for round trip, 15,000 KRW for one-way. 

What I'm gonna do next time:

Ride the cable car from Songdo beach to the hill and then trek down through the trail. <3 

Of course, we took the crystal cabin. <3 hahaha! Daming budget? 😂

I've also seen this place featured in Two Days, One Night so my heart is happy. <3

I'm saving you for my next Busan Trip, Songdo Coastal Walk!

Igidae Coastal Walk link: here. 

Always excited with cable car rides no matter how many times I've ridden. :)) 

This is my second crystal cabin experience.. my first was the one in Taipei

Maokong Cable Car, Taiwan link: here.

The are different though since Maokong is a ride through the mountains while Songdo is over the ocean. 

The ride was not long, probably around 10 minutes per way but that is enough time to have your photos taken already.

Songdo is one of the busy beaches in Busan because there are a lot of attractions in the area such as the Skywalk in the picture above. Also, I heard that it is the oldest beach in Busan. 

After the cable car ride, you there's a skywalk and a park in the area. You can also walk along the beach which gets packed and crowded during summer or you may try the cafes and restaurants there too. 

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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