Busan, South Korea: Gamcheon Culture Village

also known as Busan's Santorini, it is one of the famous tourist spots there.

Although you can actually go there by walking, it is a better option to take the village bus from this place that will take you to the top most part of the village where you can find Village Information Center.

I am not sure with the fare of both the subway and the bus since I used my T-money card.

The driver will tell you that it is the stop for the Gamcheon Culture Village but I don't think that you'll feel lost actually 'cause most people alight at this station.

Okay so you have two options:

One is to buy a map from the Information Center
Second is to just walk wherever you feel like walking

My suggestion is that if you have a lot of time, it is better to purchase the map so you'd be able to locate the most famous murals and art installations in the area. However, if you only have an hour or two like we did, it'll be better to walk at your own pace or research beforehand which of the many photozones here do you wish to see the most.

Very beautiful though can get a bit crowded on some days. From the few murals/art installations that we saw, The Little Prince (photo below) had the most people. We had to form our line for an hour just to have our photo taken in that spot. 

Everywhere in Gamcheon is a photo opportunity. 

Lovers area with the love locks above but since I don't have any, cockblock na lang. hahaha! 

This is the Little Prince.

From the Information Center, it's a short walk to get here and it's very impossible to miss the spot 'cause there would surely be a line.

This is one of the viewing points in the Culture Village and of course, The Little Prince and his fox are there waiting to have their picture taken with you. 

Above is also one of the places that I was looking forward to seeing 'cause this was shown in Two Days, One Night before. 

We only spent around two hours and we didn't get to see a lot. If ever I find myself in Busan once again and if I have enough time, I'll buy the map so I can go through the alleys to see more interesting stuff. 

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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