Japan 2019: Huis Ten Bosch, Sasebo, Nagasaki

This Europe themed park in Sasebo, Nagasaki is actually the main reason why we decided to fly to Fukuoka this year. :))) Good thing that the place didn't disappoint us and it actually exceeded our expectations.

This is coming from someone who hasn't been to Europe and loves walking in flower fields. :))

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First Time in Japan: Northern Kyushu Itinerary, Expenses and Travel Tips (From Hakata in Fukuoka)

Huis Ten Bosch is the most important place to visit out of all the items in our itinerary so we decided to stay there from morning until the train's last trip. 

From Hakata Station in Fukuoka, we reserved the seats of the JR train that leaves Hakata Station at around 8 AM. It took us around two hours to get from Hakata to the station in Huis Ten Bosch but it was very convenient since we just slept and sightsee all throughout the train ride. 

The moment we stepped out of the train, we were in awe with how they were able to "copy" how Europe is like. I mean I haven't been to Europe but this place still felt like it.

The current price list in the park.

Several weeks ago, there was still a day pass being sold online which costs 3,500 YEN but the promo ended last February so we had to avail the 7,000 YEN ticket which is called 1-day passport... with it, you can make use of the 50 attractions inside and you can also ride the bus and boat which will take you around the park. We wanted the day pass since we weren't thinking of riding anyway. Madami na kasing tao nagpupunta kaya siguro tinanggal na 'yon.

Purchasing online was actually cheaper and we would've boughts our tickets online as well but we were hoping na meron pang day pass ticket kaya doon na kami bumili. 

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This is definitely one of the most beautiful places that I have been to and it should be a lot more beautiful now that the cherry blossoms are blooming. 

This may be a theme park but if you're into rides, then you might not enjoy it that much 'cause there aren't a lot of rides and lines in VR were long. We didn't go for any of the rides but the beauty of the place though and it exceeded our expectations. 

This place with all the tulips that looks so beautiful you can mistake them to be fake is their version of Holland. <3

Dito muna dahil hindi pa afford 'yung totoo.

This was the time I realized that I like flowers but only if they're planted and not on bouquets. Maybe that's the reason why I like going to parks filled with flowers wherever I go.


Taiwan's Flower Farm link: here.
Las Vegas' Bellagio Conservatory link: here.
Seoul's Botanic Park link: here.
San Francisco's Lombard Hill link: here.

I was told by friends who've been to Amsterdam that this place really look like Amsterdam. Grabe. Ganyan pa lang, kinikilig na ko hahaha!

Spring is the best season to travel but it can get a little bit crowded and if not timed properly, the trees still look like winter (like the photo above) but yeah, coming from the Philippines where the season is just summer and real summer (lol), any place with temperature that goes below 15 degrees Celsius is my travel destination goal. HAHAHA ANO RAW?!

Nakipagsiksikan pa kami sa Yufuin for that light yellow houses (right side), tapos meron din naman pala dito. 

One of the attractions included in the one day passport is the teddy bear musuem. We weren't able to try the Virtual Reality rides because we got carried away from all the sightseeings in the park. <3

This place is called the Fisherman's Square.

I think from the wooden flooring and the water front, this place is pattered from San Francisco's Pier 39.  There's also a nearby carousel so why not!! ahaha

Everywhere in Huis Ten Bosch is a picture spot kaya sulit na sulit si 7,000 yen! 

Masama pa loob namin nung una kasi nga wala talaga kaming balak mag rides pero napilitan kami kunin 'yung tig-7,000 pero keri, lampake, it was suliiiiiiiit in our own way. <3

After walking around the park, we decided to head out to rest and eat pero maraming food/restaurants sa loob, pinili lang namin lumabas para sa part two. hahaha you're free to enter again kasi so we made use of that para sa isang ikot pa and to wait for the spectacular light displays at night. 

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