Vietnam: Cu Chi Tunnels, Ho Chi Minh

I was only reminded that I haven't posted about the rest of my Ho Chi Minh trip when I saw the pre-nuptial photos of Vhong Navarro. Some of which were taken at Mui Ne, Vietnam.

Fairy Stream at Mui Ne Vietnam link: here.
White and Red Sand Dunes link: here.

We got so paranoid with the scammers we encountered while on a DIY tour in Cambodia that for Vietnam, we decided to just join group tours in order to minimize the chance of getting scammed again 'cause we were running short on funds that time. 

How not to get scammed in Cambodia and Vietnam link: here.


This Cu Chi Tour is a part of Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta Day Tour. I've compiled a list of Cu Chi Tours you can book from Klook below. 

 After several travels, I'd like to think that I really got better at blogging and at taking photos. Choosing pictures to post wasn't difficult for the travels I did after this. 

The tunnels were developed during their war of Independence during the French occupation but later developed and made more extensive during the Vietnam War.  These tunnels were important in resisting American forces. As you can see above, the attacks during the war were mostly bombs. What the Viet Cong troops did was they went underground through these tunnels - so even in heavily bombed areas, they have what you can consider an underground village. 

It may now be considered as a part of the Vietnam War Memorial Parks and one can't fully grasp how difficult the life here was but watching the video before starting the tour was still important just so the tourists will be more informed about the things they're going to see for the rest of the tour. 

This is one of the famous tourist photo area in Cu Chi but I didn't try going down there but looking back, I should've done it back then... baka mas hindi na ko kasya ngayon. HAHAHA!

Some examples of the booby trap they used back then. 

We were given a short break at this souvenir shop while some decided to do target shooting.

Puro selfie, 'te gurl?

They showed us these sandals that were used back then. The foot trails were reversed in order to confuse the American soldiers.

We were told that we can try entering the tunnels to see and feel how it's like to be there. I entered but also exited at the first exit I saw. It was cramped and definitely not for claustrophobic people.

Our snack was KamoTea :))) 

Found this review I posted in Google Maps:

"Very interesting and historical place. We had a good time learning about the warfare of the Vietnamese people back then - can't help but be amazed by their creative minds and by their strength to fight but also felt sad for all the things they had to endure. This place is a must visit when you're in Ho Chi Minh because it's really eye-opening. I was even able to crawl inside one of their tunnels but immediately crawled out at the first exit I saw. Imagine having to spend most of their days at those kind of places when I, personally, had a hard time breathing even if I only stayed for a minute. A lot of travel agencies offer day tours to this place at a very reasonable price. Make sure to bring water with you, wear comfortable clothes and shoes because you'll be walking a lot."

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