The End of A Decade!

but a beginning of something more worthwhile, amazing, and new. 

Olympic Park, South Korea
link: here.

Now that I am posting here again, I have nothing to say anymore. HAHAHA!!!

Actually, I've been sick the past four days and so I was able to pause and think about all the backlogs I've been accumulating since 2017. Oh well, they'd find their way somehow. Don't know lang if the pictures and stories will still be relevant by then. 

Japan has always felt expensive to me but this year (2019), I decided to take the plunge and book tickets to Fukuoka mainly because of Huis Ten Bosch in Sasebo. Europe feels!! 

I hope that during the next decade, I'll be able to tour around Europe, Oceania and South America as well. Or kahit 'yung decades after next. So far kasi, hindi pa naman ako nagsasawa. Although yeah, priorities will eventually change especially now that I should be worrying about my "own family" life and financial stability hahaha pero habang wala pa kong partner then I'll go as far as I can pa rin. Darating din siya. Sobrang traffic na kasi. :)))

This is a cliff diving spot in Colorado River in Arizona but I chickened out when I was standing there already. This will forever be in my memory 'cause I'm kinda regretting not jumping now especially since I don't know when I'd be able to go back to the USA much more this place. Hahaha! Kaya yan, Tintin, some opportunities knock only once so make sure to grab them. 

This was my apartment complex in Las Vegas, Nevada when I stayed there for three months in 2016. I had the chance to go back here even for only around 2 hours. Grateful for my friend for driving me around the entire day! <3 

I was able to go back to Las Vegas and Busan this year - I don't know how but I did anyway. I'm still enjoying all these travelling but adult (financial) obligations are creeping in. hahahaha. Minsan naiisip ko nga pano kung inipon ko na lang, 'noh but then I won't have these memories that I am holding onto. haaay! Kapag finite ang resources talaga. Daming opportunity costs. :))) Lol. Pero 'yun nga, sana for the next decade mas maging maayos ako mag handle ng pera. 

Over the years, I've become so good at goodbyes and so comfortable at being alone. I wish I had known earlier that though... :)) But here's a fresh start, a clean slate of a new decade awaiting us all. Haaaay!! adulting. 

Life's been very generous to me 'cause of all the travels. I can't pin point it but I know I've changed a lot and it's all because of the travel experiences I've had. Hoping to add more on the list in the coming years especially domestic destinations! Hello, Batanes!!! <3

South Korea - 4
Malaysia - 2
Singapore - 2
USA - 2
Macao - 2
Taiwan - 2
Hong Kong

If I'll tell my five year old self that I'll be able to travel this far, I'm pretty sure she'll never believe me. Hello, kamusta naman 'yung maiwan lang ako mag-isa dati e iiyak na ko agad. :))

Hindi ako sure kung bakit sinama ko rito si Seo Joon e hindi ko naman siya jowa. HAHAHA. Wala lang. Gusto ko lang siya ilagay - hoping to see more of him in the coming year though hoping to meet my life partner in the coming year as well... penge na  lang, universe ng Seo Joon ng buhay ko. HAHAHA!

For more dreams turning into reality! <3

Countless of times, I've been told that I am a very bubbly and observant person. Nung una, I found it weird 'cause I'm not a bubbly person - hindi ako bungisngis at lalong hindi ako palatawa. That's how I knew myself eh then overtime appreciation grows, kung kelan ako tumanda doon naging mas mababaw 'yung kaligayahan, mas madaling humanap ng tuwa at saya, mas madaling bumulong sa hangin ng salamat, natural ng lumalabas ang mga salitang Thank you. 

There are still bad days but the good days outweigh everything.

Next year would be the end of my three years visa to South Korea and so far, I don't see the need to renew it again immediately. Unless, of course, if there would be important trips. But yeah, this whole thing started in 2009 because of Boys Over Flowers kaya isang dekada na rin ako with Kdramas. lol. I used to be just one of the people dreaming of being able to experience Korea even just once but I've flew there several times and was even able to consider Haeundae, Busan her forever home away from home. 

I have been having my hair rebonded the past decade but I've decided to embrace my natural hair with its buhaghag, frizz and all. :)) Check out Curly Girls Philippines in Facebook to find out more about this. I wasn't born with curly hair nor did I think that I was curly prior to joining the group - I joined knowing that I am a wavy who wants to learn to take better care of her hair and then these curl patterns come out once in a while. I've been practicing the method for a month now and me and my hair are still transitioning. Currently on the process of finding out which techniques and products give out the best result but so far so good - especially the change in mindset. Kasi alam ko na eventually this will get better, I couldn't care less of all the bad hair days I am currently experiencing. 

To a better and healthier hair! <3

I used to be so conscious of my lips because they're really thick but I've learned to accept them. Hahaha! And to accept na maganda naman ako. Charot!!! :))) I don't know when and how but overtime I became more confident with the way look and I know it shows - even with all the body and color shamers around. Face it. I don't think I'll ever get thinner and that's fine 'cause I'm perfectly happy with the way I look and weigh. The only thing that I'm praying for is that I'd be healthy - spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and FINANCIALLY. HAHAHA!

A lot of things have change and will continuously change. I don't know where the next decade(s) will lead be but I hope I'll do well. 

I wish you enough hands to hold and lips to kiss so that you learn the meaning of love.

I wish you enough heartbreak, so that you realize the true love you deserve.

I wish you enough loneliness so that you become independent and start loving yourself.

I wish you enough confidence so that you are capable, but not conceited.

I wish you enough love so that you understand the meaning and significance of it, and so that when you’re ready for it, you aren’t scared to fall in.

I wish you enough laughter so that you learn to slow down and appreciate the people and things around you.

I wish you enough disappointment so that you never lose sight of all that you have.

I wish you enough pain so that you learn to stand on your own two feet and to trust God.

I wish you enough toughness to sustain through the hard days, and enough frailty to learn your own limits.

I wish you enough softness to forgive, and enough resilience to begin again.
I wish you enough trials so that you learn who you are and who you will become.

I wish you enough success so that you are proud of the skin you stand in.

I wish you enough loss so that you never take what you have for granted.

I wish you enough gain so that you are both humble and thankful.

I wish you enough stability so that you trust the world around you and the people in it, but enough change so that you are always growing.

I wish you enough love, enough life, enough purpose, enough brokenness, enough wholeness, so that your life is imperfect and beautiful and blessed.

I do not wish you flawlessness or perfection—I wish you a life worth living. A life with ups and downs, trials and triumphs, growth and beginnings and endings and lessons and love.

I wish you enough.

Just enough. 

Copied from Thought Catalog. 

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