Chinabank's Interbank Fund Transfer

How CBC Chinabank's Interbank Fund Transfer Saves Me TIME and MONEY

 If there's a bank application that I am very thankful for these days, that would be Chinabank's app. Why? because I can transfer funds realtime to many different bank accounts here in the Philippines for only P 10.00 per transaction. I hope the fee remains the same in the future because it's such a huge time and money saver, really. I have been using the feature for several months now and I have not experienced any malfunction or anything negative so far.

A year ago, a Chinabank branch opened near our house. It's less than 10 minutes, even 5 minutes walk from me and there isn't usually a long line unlike BDO and BPI. The three main reasons why I prefer banking there are these - hindi kailangan magbayad ng pamasahe, iwas sa traffic at wala masyadong pila. Although yeah, I don't maintain a "savings" account with them kasi naging revolving fund/daanan na lang 'yung account but still, it has made my "banking" life a lot easier. lol. Initially 'yun 'yung goal, mag-ipon kaso hindi ganun ang nangyari obviously. :)) pero malay naman natin... 

I have an ATM account with them (only P 2,000 maintaining balance) and whenever I need to deposit funds in my other bank accounts or in other people's bank account, I deposit the money in my ATM account with Chinabank and use my app to transfer the fund.

The only thing I have to do is add the recipient's account in my app and there's an OTP for every fund transfer. Sobrang efficient din nung hindi ko na kailangan i-approve/i-activate via ATM 'yung mga account number na gusto kong i-save. I won't go into details on how this works but it has been a savior so far and I don't mind paying P 10.00 for the convenience the feature has been giving me. Though actually, paying P 10.00 is cheaper than riding a jeepney to the nearest bank branch.

I know that BDO, BPI and Psbank also has the same feature but I think their fees are more expensive than Chinabank, nasa P 50.00 and P 25.00 yata. Although malaking tulong din 'yung bank to bank transfer ng BDO (10,000 maximum per day) kasi 'yun walang transaction fee. 

PS. At so far, wala pa naman akong phishing mail na natatanggap for Chinabank. Lagi lang kasi talaga atang target ang BDO at BPI account holders. Kaasar e. 'Yun nga pala, ingat sa pagclick ng link sa mga e-mails kasi the e-mails are getting more and more "professional" medyo nakakalito at mahirap na ma-distinguish. 

Learn more about Chinabank's app link: here.

-maximum of 50,000 per transaction with no daily limit. 

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