Hong Kong: Ngong Ping (Cable Car Ride and Village)

My favorite part of our Hong Kong Trip last year is Ngong Ping mainly because of the cable car ride

I didn't even read about what's in Ngong Ping Village beforehand 'cause the only thing I wanna do there is ride the cable car. HAHAHA!

Cable car, by the way, is my favorite mode of transportation. I like trains, buses, and airplanes too but since cable car rides don't last that long - mas special siya in a way.

Purchase tickets in advance:

You have two options when it comes to the kind of gondola available to you. Unlike the one in Taiwan though where the cost is the same for both types, you pay a higher price if you want to ride the crystal cabin here in Hong Kong. We were able to cut lines since we have purchased the tickets before going there via Klook.

Maokong Gondola, Taipei, Taiwan link: here.

Central Hong Kong was crowded and full of high-rise buildings so going in Lantau Island was definitely a breather. Wide open spaces overlooking a body of water and the lush forest.

Tian Tan Buddha/ Big Buddha
Left hand: Fulfilling Wishes
Right hand: Imparting Fearlessness

The most iconic part of Ngong Ping. I was looking forward to climbing that all the way to the top but when got at the bottom - it was a bit crowded and no one wanted to go up with me so we just explored more of the place.

Kailan kaya babalik 'yung mga gala? 
I mean, hindi naman necessarily na out of the country. Nakakamiss lang 'yung freedom na napupuntahan mo gusto mo, nagagawa mo gusto mo at basta. hahaha! New found appreciation 'yan definitely pag bumalik 'yung freedom after the pandemic, noh? Sana soon. 

Health and Bliss 🙆🏻‍♀️

We didn't really do anything in Ngong Ping. Didn't even look around the stores and cafes there. We just walked and took photos. 

Ang ganda lang maglakad-lakad kahit medyo nakakapraning 'yung mga baka na nakakagala lang. Pero mas malamig dito compared sa central HK. Well, 'yun nga, mas mataas kasi na area.

This is like the Buddha in Indonesia and Singapore which makes sense since those three countries practice the same kind of Buddhism (I read about this before but I've forgotten the name).

This is different from those in Cambodia and Thailand. 

I've ridden two out of ten world's best cable car experience. I searched about this before as well and I used to dream of visiting the one in Vietnam 'cause that leads to the French Town and a tea farm but yea, postponed lang pero pwede pang puntahan. Universe, baka pwede 'yung mga nasa Europe na rin?? HAHAHA! Jusko. Kaya ayoko nagpo-post ng travel backlogs kasi heto na naman po akooooo. HAHAHA! 

Palm Springs' Aerial Tramway in California is somewhere on the list.
Link: here.

See you again, HK?

Pero ako, Macau, ikaw pa rin ata mas gusto at babalikan ko eh. 😂😂😂

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