Philippines: Cafe Agusta, Antipolo, Rizal

 If you're going to ask me about the places where you can see Manila sunset in all its breathtaking beauty... I'd answer Cafe Agusta in a heartbeat. ❤️ I'd say Mall of Asia too but I kinda like it here more. 

Santorini vibe? You can somehow feel that here because of its blue and white paint. There's an area on the second floor that serves as a photo spot. 

Hindi ko na masyado pinansin itsura ng place kasi it's the feeling of finally being "able to breathe" and "go out" that mattered more to me. My much awaited wide-open space. A drive longer than a trip to the mall, grocery, and baking supplies store. Though may napuntahan naman akong ibang lugar in Manila, Pasig, Makati, QC since March... iba pa rin ang out of town. 😂

This may be overlooking the smoggy Manila skyline but this is definitely one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen.

 Add the coolness of the breeze, the freshness of the air, good food, and fun company - couldn't ask for more

Visited on a weekday afternoon so it wasn't that crowded, not sure lang on a weekend kasi kahit may pandemic e nakakalabas naman na mga tao. 

I still feel paranoid visiting malls, groceries or any place with a crowd actually but here felt safe probably 'cause of the outdoor seating and there were ample spaces between the tables. 

Didn't get to eat other food aside from these since we had a different dessert place in mind. Iba-iba talaga para makarami dahil minsan na lang makalabas. Hahaha! But yeah, they have cakes and hot drinks as well. 

Food and drinks are delicious and reasonably-priced. Plus the view talaga eh. Love love. 

We're thinking of going somewhere farther one of these days. Sana matuloy kami. Isasama naman kita. 😂🥳

Here's to deciding the kind of life we want and saying no to everything that isn't that. Hehehe!😅

But it's so difficult to be like that these days, noh? Ang hirap mag define when wala ka naman talaga masyadong control. But we'll get through this! Phase lang 'to.

Sabi nga, breakthroughs after our breakdowns.🥰 A life with better decisions. 
Cheers to the better people we shall become. ❤️

I hope that we can go back to the time when we can enjoy face to face conversations without masks and without the threat of getting infected with the virus. I know that most of us are trying to live life normally now but COVID is still here so let's always be cautious when going out.

Anyway, I hope you're safe, happy, and winning (if not, learning from) your life's small and big battles. Wishing us all the best. 🤗

Everything, in time. 💖

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