Cable Car Rides Compilation *hopefully not the end*

Last year, I compiled photos from the different flower fields/gardens that I visited in Japan and USA.

Spring 2019 - I said before that 2019 has been incredibly fast, well, di niya pa kasi kakilala si 2020 na ilang buwan ng gumigising sa walang kasiguraduhan at daily routine na nag simula nung March. lol pero k. HAHAHAHA. NVM. Alam niyo na 'yon. :)))

For this year, I'm compiling all my cable car rides in one post since nag "On This Day"  sa Facebook 'yung Maokong, Taiwan at dahil na-post ko na 'yung kulang which is the Ngong Ping Cable ng HK. 


This was my first cable car ride and the funniest so far. HAHAHA! Buti di ako na friendship over dito. The friends that I was with during this cable car ride were scared of heights and we all didn't know that it would be this high kaya tuwang tuwa sila sa'kin niyan. Huwag na raw kami umalis ulit kahit kailan pero joke lang syempre, kasi umalis pa rin kami. HAHAHAHA!

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

I was ecstatic when I learned that in order to get to the State Park, we were supposed to ride a cable car.  Baka naman Sequioa o Yosemite o Grand Canyon... sayang visa. HAHAHAHA!

Palm Springs Windmills and Baker, California

I saw this in the post - my hand with a lot wounds because my skin reacts/has allergic reaction to the latex in the gloves that we use when cooking/preparing food in Las Vegas. Four years later, I've almost forgotten about these and my hands don't even have scars to remind me of those days. Sana ito rin. Four years in the future, I'll look back on this day and I won't remember the confusion that this phase brought to my life - sana point of breakthrough ang maalala ko. Mas maaalala ko 'yung saya, 'yung gratitude, 'yung strength at 'yung growth na nakuha ko rito... kung meron man. 

There's a matcha ice cream waiting at the end of this cable car ride. To be honest, I was looking forward to that more than the cable car ride but since this was my first time riding a crystal glass-floored cabin, syempre tuwang tuwa rin ako. Ang saya. 

The nice thing about their cable car is that you won't have to pay extra if you want to experience the crystal cabin. The line is a bit longer for the crystal but at least, same price.

Taipei Zoo link: here.

This was the one that we were supposed to look for in order to get to Guia Hill. The shortest of the cable cars I've ridden but well-appreciated since we would've taken the long route again if we weren't able to locate this Cable Car station. HAHA!

Sweetest surprise of Wynn Palace Macau. Rode this for five times just because it's free! HAHAHA! Again, I don't see this frequently in photos when people tour around Macau. I don't know if it's because cable cars aren't really interesting (ako lang ba tuwang-tuwa?) or because the location of Wynn is at the back of Cotai Strip that going there via bus is the more convenient way. 

Busan Air Cruise


What makes this different from the rest is that this is over the ocean. Madalas kasi through mountains 'yung cable cars. You can spend the entire day in Songdo beach since there are a lot of things to do in this area of Busan. I was having breakfast in our apartment's kitchen and then a friend came and asked me where was I spending my free time that day. I told her my "schedule" doesn't start until 6 in the evening so I basically have the entire day and was thinking of going far. One hour travel via public transport without traffic congestion is already far. You can do a lot of things in a day at masusunod pa rin schedule mo since hindi kakainin ng traffic 'yung oras. Anyway, ayon na nga, dito kami nagpunta. We rode a crystal cabin. Gosh. Wala kong masabi. Mahal kita, Busan. I will always look forward to visiting you again. 

This place is considered one of the three World's Best Night Views pero syempre... pinuntahan namin ng umaga. HAHAHA! Experience is in the link kasi wala naman na ako masyadong masabi. This is just a short ride to get to the viewing area at Mt. Inasa. 

This, for me, has the nicest view so far 'cause it has everything that I want to see when travelling. You have your city with the high-rise buildings, your body of water, your mountains and your forest. You can also opt for a crystal cabin if you want to.

No wonder this cable car ride and the one I've mentioned earlier in Palm Springs, California are included in the World's Top 10 Cable Car experience. 

My first and only out-of-the-country trip this 2020. This cable car ride was from the ski slope to the ice park in the mountains and vice versa. 


My could haves, should haves, and would haves. Dami, noh? I saw this in a different perspective now that I am constructing my post. Kasi it was never ending eh, it is never ending. I keep reaching for something. I keep wanting more. Not remembering that this was one of the things I wanted and hoped for some six years ago. And kung hindi ko pa 'to ma-appreciate lalo dahil lang ang dami kong gusto na biglang nawala at bumalik sa mga "someday" kong di ko na naman alam kung paano. What would that make me?

Ganon naman, noh? We're a work in progress, haven't figured everything out, nagre-realign ng mga wants and priorities (though it took me a pandemic to finally do this at nadadapa pa rin ako minsan! HAHA!) We grow and we change. Not striving for a dream you once had doesn't make you a lesser a person. It's just that you've outgrown whatever that was because of current circumstances. Most important thing talaga, we're trying. 

Gusto kong i-upload at i-kwento lahat lahat pero as you can see, nagiging sentimental ate mo ghorl kaya isa-isa lang. Okay. Enough enough. Cable car compilation 'to. Hindi kaartehan. HAHA!

Infairness sa gusto ni Tintin 2014, nakarami naman na siya na cable car ride until 2020. At ito na nga ang final before the pause. 'Yung cable car ride on a winter day. Kinikilig ako actually at nakaka-amaze at the same time na ito na 'yon oh. 'Yung "sana" ko six years ago, tapos na pala. hehehe! Sana. Sana. Sana. Para sa ibang mga bulong at mga bagong hiling ng puso ko. Sana. Sana. Sana. 

May mga bagay na hindi pa natin alam kung paano pero nangyari at nagawa natin. ❤️ Just like all our concerns, frustrations, wishes, dreams now... hindi pa man natin alam kung paano exactly pero magagawan at magagawan ng paraan. 🥰

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