Product Review: Ra& Gowoori Real Kill 9.9 Sunscreen with Make Up Base

It has been more than a year since I last wore a bb cream and face powder. I stopped because I developed masknes (breakout) so I went bare-faced in order to decongest my skin. It was a new feeling because I've worn bb cream since 2012 but I got used to the simplicity of my new routine. Even after my breakout has calmed down, I stuck with just using toner, moisturizer, and sun screen. 

I ran out of my Biore and I like having choices so I bought another one that I use alternately with my Nivea Sun Gel.  


Ra and Gowoori

The newest sunscreen in my stash: Ra and Gowoori's Real Kill 9.9 Sunscreen with Make Up Base. As per its name, it's a sunscreen and primer/ make up base in one.

There wasn't really a lot of reviews for this sunscreen even in Reddit but this is the one used by Dr. Erin (The Nerdy Derma). Despite my apprehension 'cause they said that this has a slight white cast, I purchased as soon as I saw the chance. 

I knew what I was getting into but coming from Biore and Nivea's sunscreen, this looked very thick (parang Elmer's glue) and sticky at first. I judged too quickly though 'cause upon spreading, it turns out to be very light as if I didn't put any sun screen on my face so it wasn't uncomfortable even on humid days. 

It doesn't irritate my eyes and with no alcohol smell even unlike the first two I mentioned. Don't get me wrong, it's not fragrance-free. There's a faint smell but it fades immediately. 

It sells at 580 for 80 ML.

50 SPF
UVB&UVA Protection

This is in the pricerange of reasonably-priced to cheap compared to other products in the market. 

Again, my first concern about this is they said that it has a slight cast. I'm not fair-skinned so I had a difficult time deciding whether to purchase this or not mainly because of that. "Baka lang masayang kasi maputi tignan sa'kin," I thought. Needless worry 'cause there wasn't a white cast on me even if the filter of this sun screen is Titanium Dioxide. And if there is, it's not obvious. 

Does its job both as a sun screen and a make-up base. I, however, stop at this step. As I mentioned before, I no longer wear bb cream and face powder. 😅

There's "shine" but not the haggard, oily kinda shine. Glowy? Dewy? I don't use oil control film a lot these days even if it's already hot on some days. Gentle and doesn't clog my pores so I don't get a lot of masknes anymore even after wearing face masks for hours. 

I can't say that this is the sole product that made my face less oily 'cause I also added Isntree's Green Tea toner in my morning routine. I might post about that too one of these days... months. HAHAHA

Below is my newest morning routine/skincare products line-up:

Isntree's Green Tea Fresh Toner
Innisfree's Balancing Green Tea Lotion
Ra and Gowoori Real Kill Sunscreen (going out) 
Nivea Sun Gel (staying home)

This has been in my back log for more than a month. HAHAHA. Padami ng padami na naman 'yung back logs ko. Ano ba 'yan. 


Overall, I'm glad that I gave this a chance despite my apprehension. This is an excellent buy and a sure repurchase. ♥️


Ra and Gowoori

In Spring time, hope blooms even in the most loneliest forgotten meadow. 

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