Macau: MGM, Lisboa, and Wynn Hotel Area, Old Macau

 After walking around near the border of Macau and Zhuhai, we rode a bus to get here. From the border, we rode the free shuttle bus of MGM to MGM Grand. I have the backlog ready but I chose to post this first.

At first, it was more confusing to ride the city buses in Macau 'cause not only don't we have a loose change for the payment, we didn't know the routes. What usually happened was we looked for the pick-up points of the free casino hotel shuttle buses and then work our way from there since we weren't in a hurry anyway. On our third day, the places in our itinerary weren't shuttled by the hotels. We got used to riding the public city buses and we had enough smaller bills for the fare so it became easier.

MGM Grand

We didn't go inside the MGM Grand since the other MGM along Cotai Strip was the one in our itinerary. When we went home to the Philippines, we saw in one of the photos uploaded in Instagram that the interior of this MGM was beautiful too. Kinda like the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas with big butterfly statues on display inside the main hall. 

Statue of Kun Iam - Buddhist Goddess of Love, Mercy, and Compassion

This is located in the waterfront area in Macau Peninsula. 

One of the reasons why I liked Macau is it was a mix of everything that interests me. For the religion aspect, albeit Buddhism being the predominant religion in the area, they have several Roman Catholic churches there as well. I am a practicing Roman Catholic but I observe Buddhism as a way of life/living. I see to it that I stop by and visit Buddhist temples whenever I travel. No. Actually, scratch that 'cause I like visiting temples of various religions.

The dome below the statue is a Lotus-shaped Ecumenical Center which is accessible for free to the public. 

This place is like an isolated part of Macau peninsula despite having several hotels in front of it. One the other side, btw, you can see the ferries from Hong Kong. I might blog about the border crossing of HK - Macau too. 

It was smoggy in Macau so the photos are gloomy. But in the photo above, there's a faint white statue of Goddess A-Ma - the goddess of seafarers and fishermen on top of the mountain. That area is Coloane, there is a cultural village and the coastal trail is there as well. I was expecting Macau to be a small country but it was smaller than what I was expecting. Have we allotted a week there, we could've toured around the whole country. 

We knew Wynn Hotel has a fountain show outside that's why we waited until sunset in that area so we can watch it. 

The show in Wynn Palace along Cotai Strip is grander though this one was worth the visit as well. 

We had a lot of time to explore this area. As you can see, the tall building in the middle of this picture is Lisboa Hotel. It looks far from the water fountain but we were able to walk to a farther hotel where we had our dinner before going back to our hotel.

Ganda nito in person especially at night.

Very Downtown Vegas feels here in Macau Peninsula. Ganda ng night lights tapos may slight sea breeze pa.

From this angle, you can see where we came from. Sa dulo pa nung right most building (MGM Grand). HAHAHA! Para sa iba parusa na maglakad ng ganyang kahaba pero it was our normal. :)) Kakamiss din! Keri lang, madami naman nababalikan kagaya nito. 💓

March was a good month to visit Macau. Perfect weather! The second time I visited there was July and it was their summer so it was really hot and humid.

I don't know when will I be able to post all the places we visited in Macau but I've posted a descriptive itinerary before:

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