USA: Hershey's World and M&M's Chocolate World, Times Square, NYC

It's that time of the year again for my USA 2016 "On This Day" on Facebook. While I was looking at the photos, I noticed how similar Vegas' New York, New York area to the real NYC is. This is the reason why I thought of posting this 'cause the chocolate worlds are two of the many places/shops you can find both in Vegas and NYC.

There aren't a lot of things to say about these places but I've posted several photos from each. These are specialty shops so they're mostly merchandises, chocolates, and New York souvenirs.

M&M's World, Las Vegas

There are several flavors of M&M's that you can only find in M&M's World. Sometimes there's a freetaste but you can always purchase the flavors you fancy. 
You'll get a plastic bag and dispense M&M's from the tube. You are to pay by weight. 

M&M's Statue of Liberty.

There were a lot of people that time so it is difficult to take photos in this place.

Those M&M's tubes are the main attraction of this place. I don't remember which branch has the bigger tube display though. 

Several M&M's merchandises available. 

Elvis M&M

Across M&M's World is Hershey's Chocolate World. 

Hershey's Chocolate World, Las Vegas

Gusto ko 'yung may hawak na Reese Chocolate si King Kong. Good choice. Ahahhaa

I got several bags from this aisle. Have always wanted hugs kaya I need more, more, more. Hahahahaha. 

There's also chocolate and candy tubes here in Hershey. Those big sized chocolates and candies are also interesting since it's not everywhere you can purchase those.

I didn't buy those big sizes though but I got several bags of kisses. Grabe 'to. I kinda forgot that we had a bag weight limit so I bought a lot of stuff in NYC. HAHAHA.

2016 I wrote, "Soon. New York. Soon" haha! I was able to go there in 2019 and it has been two years since our New York Trip but it feels like yesterday. Even if I am not able to go out and travel these days, I still have a lot of backlogs I've yet to post. Ako kasi eh. Dapat naga-upload na ko ng mas madalas eh. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Re-uploaded photos from the South of Las Vegas Strip for comparison. 

At the back are replicas of the many tourist spots that you can find in New York. Didn't appreciate the thought in designing this and it's only now that each part of the hotel made sense to me.

Elli's Island and Statue of Liberty - from the New York City Sightseeing Cruise
Roller Coaster - from Coney Island. I really thought that trip, trip lang nila lagyan ng Roller Coaster 'yan. Malay ko ba namang may roller coasters sa totoong NYC. HAHAHAHA! 

If you notice, there's an Italian flag beside USA flag. The buildings really look a lot like the buildings in Little Italy, Lower Manhattan. I don't remember entering the New York, New York Hotel in Vegas so I don't know what's inside. Hay nako. Bakit nga ba hindi kami pumasok? HAHAHA!

This is one of my favorite chocolates but I didn't buy some of this size 'cause I knew that I'd eat this in one sitting. I got some of the regular sized ones from here but mostly from the dollar store and Walmart. 

Nakalakad na pala ko dati sa Brooklyn Bridge. 😂

Shakeshack is akso found in this area. This burger chain restaurant started in New York, btw. Haven't posted that but we ate in one back in Long Island. 


Universal Studios and Sentosa Island - there's a replica of NYC's Public Library here.

Resorts World Sentosa and Merlion Plaza - there's a smaller Hershey's Chocolate World here.

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