South Korea: Autumn Day in Gyeongju (Photodump)

Photos from the musuem without walls.
This will include Singyeongju - bus ride - Bulguksa - bus ride - Singyeongju. I wasn't thinking of posting these but then I watched 2 days, 1 night's Rhythm of Korea episodes so I did. Again, malay ko naman. HAHAHAHAHA. 💁

South Korea: KTX's Singyeongju Station to Bulguksa, Gyeongju

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Gyeongju One-Day Tour: Hwangridan-gil, Daereungwon, Bulguksa, Gyochon Village, Donggung Palace, and Wolji Pond

Pink Muhly

Pink Muhly is a seasonal grass that only grows during autumn and Gyeongju is one place where you can see a lot of it. There are places and parks in Busan that have these too.

Hwangnyongsa Temple Site/ Hwangnyongsa History Culture Center

Above is a replica of Hwangnyeongsa. It is a temple built in 553 and completed in 645 but was burned down in 13th century during the Mongol invasions. This was one of the treasures from the Kingdom of Silla.

Gyeongju World Culture Expo Park.

The building in the middle of the photo is called Gyeongju Tower Observatory. Notice that the center of the building looks like a cut-out of the Hwangnyongsa Pagoda to show the significance of the Pagoda in the history of not only Gyeongju but the whole of South Korea.

The park hosts cultural and social events in Gyeongju. I took these photos from a moving bus but only learned about the history when these were featured in 2 days, 1 night variety program. 

More autumn season experience to me. Someday. Yes, universe? HAHA!

We entered this Tourist Information to ask about the bus schedule so we can properly time our tour of the temple since we have an afternoon KTX ride to catch. 

The walk to the temple grounds is quite long and uphill since it's situated in the slopes of Mount Toham.

However, it was during a pleasant autumn day that we had the time of our lives still just by walking along this paved walkway. 

There are several food and souvenir carts along the way. If snacks aren't to your liking, there are several restaurants in front of the bus stop and even around Gyeongju. 

Taking photos makes the walk back to the bus stop more interesting. 

I've been waiting for an autumn day before but I wasn't able to properly time my visits. This, here, is the "most autumn" day I've experienced so far that even the parking area is a photo spot. DUH. HAHAHA! Lahat naman photo spot. Palusot pa. 

They were installing the paper lanterns during the day of our visit so I took photos with the tree as well. AHAHAHHA. We were waiting for the bus back to Singyeongju that time so we took a lot of photos because, you know, ganda talaga. 

My friend took burst photos of me crossing the street. HAHAHAHA! I would have sat in the middle of the street if only if there weren't other tourists waiting with us back then. Hiya pa pala ate mo ghorl.

Favorite matcha wafer. <3

Love this more than matcha kitkat. I bought this in one of the snack shops in Busan and I always had it in my bag back then. I sometimes see this in Landmark, Trinoma as well.

Until the day I see you once more, Golden City. 💛

Waiting area for the KTX bound to Seoul. 

More travel?

Yes please. A thousand times yes. 😂😂😂

This is the last of Gyeongju that I'll be posting for now but I have a lot of Seoul entries left in my backlogs. Will be posting those soon.

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