#GANDAKorea Travel Seminar 2022

Thinking of travelling to South Korea during this pandemic? I've enumerated the travel requirements for Filipinos below. This is aside from the visa, alright? Let's start! ✨

It's been tooooooo long!

Not only for the blog updates but also for offline activities. Glad to be able to go out again and enjoy meeting friends offline and attending events like this. ♥️ 

This post will have photos from the event I attended named, "#GandaKorea DIY Travel Seminar" where they shared travel tips, showed attractions (Seoul and Jeju Island), and of course, travel requirements to South Korea during this pandemic.

Take note that as of posting (April 30, 2022), they're still not issuing visa and no flights for leisure travellers are operating yet.

This event was held in hopes that we are a day closer to returning to our second home. Sabi nga ni Miss Kring, pilgrimage. HAHAHAHA. 

I received a T Money freebie. Hehehe. Manifesting a "pilgrimage" next year. I miss you, Busan! 

This card makes a DIY trip much more convenient 'cause this is all you need whenever you ride trains and buses. This is also accepted in convenience stores. 

The event started with an opening dance from Nara - the performance group from the Korean Cultural Center.  Happy 10 years, girls! So proud to be one of the members from way back. Ito na ba ang pagbabalik naming mga umalis? Nyahaha

"The Korean Embassy in the Philippines suspended accepting/processing of Korean Tourist Visa Application until further notice." As of May 2022

Below will be the travel requirements one must have when travelling to Korea during the pandemic.  

Korean Visa for Filipinos 2022

1. Negative COVID-19 test valid within forty right hours before flight. 

2. Travellers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Two doses, and a booster shot within 180 days from the second shot. 

3. Q-Code (QR Code) from the Quarantine Information Advanced Input System

Korean Visa for Filipinos 2022
To obtain the Q-Code, you must prepare passport with valid visa, date of travel, vaccination record and PCR negative result. 

Upon landing in Incheon, you must show your QR Code to the quarantine office as a proof that you've done all the requirements above. 

Travellers are required to take PCR test within 24 hours of arriving. For people who are staying for more than 5 days, you're required to take a rapid test on your 6th or 7th day. 

In between the requirements, you're free to enjoy Korea. Hehehe! Hashtag SANAOL. 🤣

While you're at it, I've previously uploaded a lot of must visit places in Seoul and in Busan. You may access the post in the Korea Tag of this blog. 

Below are the new attractions in Jeju Island. 
Btw, there is no visa requirements in Jeju but there isn't also a direct flight from the Philippines. As of writing, there are still no flights but when the flights resume, your option is a Manila - Hong Kong - Jeju flight if you're not able to secure a visa. 

Snoopy Garden

Moomin Land

There are also media attractions but I wasn't able to take photos of the presentation. 

My Soul Seoul 

Come and Mark It Your Own. 

Manifesting our Korea travel as well. 💕💕💕 Another someday. Hehe. 

So far, though, my favorite place in Seoul is Seoul Fortress and my favorite place in Busan is Igidae Coastal Walk. 

Miss Kring, the host of the event with Miss Kylene, the newest Honorary Ambassador. 💕 Lovin' the all pink outfits. Hehehe. 

#GandaKorea , Let's go to Beautiful Korea! 

PS. GANDA (간다) is the base form the verb go in Korean, GANDA is the word for beautiful in Filipino. 

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