Hong Kong: Victoria Peak (Sky Terrace 428 and Tram Ride)

Since we're flying back to Hong Kong within this year, might as well post my un-uploaded photos from our previous trip. Thank you, Cathay Pacific for our round trip tickets! We were one of the winners of "The World of Winners" Campaign by Hong Kong Tourism Board. We're a step closer to say #HelloHongKong.

We bought the tickets from Klook.

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The meeting place was outside a mall and we had to walk towards where the lower station of the tram is. Dusk should be the better time to go there but we wanted to skip the night crowd so we opted for an early afternoon slot. 

Riding the tram felt like riding a roller coaster for kids. 

This is the view from the tram. The ride took less than 10 minutes and it glides past Hong Kong Skyline. It was such a treat for the eyes especially for first-timers like me. 

The Peak Tower is a building on top of Victoria Peak. This is a tourist spot, thus, there are a lot of restaurants and stores here as well. Hong Kong's Madamme Tussauds' Wax Museum is also in the building.

In 2012, this was certified as one of the three World's Best Night view. The other two are found in Morocco and Japan. 


Mount Inasa's (Inasayama) Observation Platform, Nagasaki 

If you have the time and stamina, there are trails within the hill. Hiking should be a popular activity here because I saw people wearing their hiking outfit back then. haha

Imagine going here at dusk and be able to watch the sunset. 

You'd have to ride those escalators in order to get up and down the Sky Terrace 428. It is named this way because the Terrace stands at 428 MASL. 

This is inside Candylicious. Also in the Peak. 

Recreating the photos I took in Singapore and Las Vegas. Sometimes I still can't believe that I've been to these places. Hahaha

After walking around for quite some time, we rode down. Exiting the Tram, we saw long lines of people in the lower station. Dusk, truly, is the more preferred time to go there.

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