Catanduanes, Philippines: Binurong Point

This place is the one we saw when we decided to book plane tickets to Virac - Binurong Point in Baras, Catanduanes. My first fly-out for 2023 and my first time in Bicol Region. 💖


Environmental Fee - P 30.00/pax - You pay this on your first day and they'd give you entry stamps which you're showing at the jump-off/entrance of the tourist spots so you don't have to pay it every time. 
Entrance Fee - P 30.00/pax
Tour Guide Fee - P 250.00/guide - There's a trek/hike to get to Binurong Point so you would need to hire a guide to accompany you. Don't worry 'cause the hike is easy. 

We arrived at twilight. We initially thought we missed the sunrise but Catanduanes was generous to us 'cause it waited. haha. As if.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived is this herd of cows - they're waiting for the sunrise with us while having breakfast.

We were still catching our breaths from the hike and then we were welcomed by this breathtaking view. I've embedded my Instagram post at the end of this post. <3

It was a perfect day to watch the sunrise in Binurong Point.  Looking at the view, it made sense when they told us, "Maganda 'yan. Mataas 'yung ulap." while in the jump off point.

So, there are three points in Binurong. 

Point A, Point B, and Point C... as in Point Cow? Since the cows are there? HAHAHA

You'd have to walk along a steep cliff to get to Point A. We decided to walk barefoot. It was scary at first but soon felt that the view was too magnificent to be scared.

Btw, I heard that this place isn't accessible to public on some days when the wind is strong. When you arrive in Catanduanes, you'll realize why it's also called "The Land of the Howling Wind. This one of the places we visited there where the strength of the wind was really intense. It felt like it was pushing us back when we were walking along Point A.  

Here are photos from Point A since I can't choose which ones to post. 

The place was wide and directly facing the sunrise.

Aside from the bamboo fences to stop the cows from going to dangerous spots, this is pure nature. Don't forget to bring your water when going to this place.

Point B on the left, Point C on the right.

End of Point B

I don't know if wearing dress at this place was a right decision. lol. Anyway, make sure to wear shorts underneath because dresses/skirts keep on blowing up because of the wind. 

Sobrang ganda!!!!
The pictures and videos didn't do justice at all. 

Last stop is Point C. These are free range cows and they're used to people so as long as you're not getting to close nor harming them, you don't have to worry. 

We didn't get to visit a lot of places in Catanduanes and I haven't even posted all the places we've visited in Boracay but this is just tooooo beautiful that I really made time to post this ASAP. 

If you're looking for a guide, you can look for the Facebook page of Kuya Onyong Pamplona and he can help you plan your Catanduanes Trip. 

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