Boracay: Lambros Point and Diniwid Beach

This is my favorite part of our latest Boracay trip and the main reason we got sunburnt. 

Diniwid Beach 

We knew that it was at the end of Station 1 when we looked at Google Map but we still took the longer way 'cause we didn't want to walk so we rode the Hop On, Hop Off bus and looked for Diniwid Beach. 

Apparently, Diniwid beach isn't accessible like Station 1 and you still have to ride the multicab from the street to get there so you're better off walking to and from Station 1. 

So you're probably asking, "What's special about this place?" This is it actually. 

There's nothing much too see but rocks but I LOVE COASTAL WALKS that's my I liked this place. It's not a long walk, would probably last 5-10 minutes if you're not going to take photos along the way. 

Again, the best way to go to this place is to actually walk from Station 1. 

This is a good photo spot of the Long Beach. I think sunset is also beautiful when viewed at this place 'cause it's facing West. 

I love the view and the fact that long beach is so crowded and yet we had this entire place to ourselves at that time. It was so hot and we got so into taking photos and we ended up getting sunburnt here and not on the beach.

Back in Station 1. :)

We looked for the small alley way around here in Station 1. We exited and located the bus stop of the Hop On and Hop Off bus and we headed to Cujo's Keyhole which I'll be posting sometime in the future.

Everything, in time. 💖

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