Boracay: Buffet Breakfast and Crystal Kayak at Movenpick Resort and Spa


Some photos from the breakfast buffet of Movenpick Resort and Spa in Boracay. This aren't all the choices - I wasn't able to take lots of photos because I wasn't actively blogging when we went here so it skipped my mind. 😁😁

If you go there earlier than the crowd then you get to choose the tables overlooking/near the pool. I think eating there is the best. We arrived late so we were seated near the door instead. HAHA

I took this photo thinking the graph on the lower right is visible but apparently, it's not. Those red colored time are the peak time of breakfast buffet diners.

After eating our breakfast, we walked around the hotel then we were sales talked and then rode the crystal kayak. HAHAHA. Here costs 50.00 more expensive than the crystal kayak of Puka Beach.

Mandatory Movenpick Boracay picture because of the sign. lol

Movenpick Resort and Spa is located in what they call Station 0. That stretch is where the luxury hotels are located. We weren't checked in here. We just went for the breakfast buffet and happy hour since my friend has a membership card. Anyway, going here from Station 2 was easy because of the Hop On and Hop Off bus and we just rode the hotel's free shuttle to and from the gate.

Since this place is usually for the guests of the hotels only, it's normal that it isn't packed with a lot of people. 

We rode the multicab back to the hotel 'cause the Crystal Kayak photoshoot got me soaking wet. nyahahaa

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