Boracay: Happy Hour at Movenpick Resorts and Spa

Went back to Movenpick after Lambros Point and Cujo's Keyhole. We opted for the peace and quiet of Station 0 to catch the sunset that day since we're in the area anyway. The entrance of New Coast and Movenpick is almost the opposite of each other.

We alighted outside the gate of New Coast and walked towards the gate of Movenpick.

The hotel is far from the gate but they have free shuttle/multicab which you can ride in order to get to the hotel from the gate. I love how the staff are all hospitable. They even remembered that we were there the morning before because we ate at their breakfast buffet... or they remembered since not a lot of people stay there the way we did. 😂😂😂

If we only had enough money to sleep here for the four nights that we were in Boracay, I'm pretty sure we would've checked in at this hotel and not settle for a breakfast buffet and happy hour sunset. Making the best out of our current situation, travelling back and forth from Station 2 isn't something that I'd complain about especially since the transportation cost was already inclusive on the bus unli-ride.

We arrived a bit early for sunset so we roamed around and took pictures. We weren't able to do this after our breakfast buffet because we got wet during the crystal kayak experience. 

Most of items in the menu were Japanese and Korean cuisines.

This is the other reason why we chose to spend that afternoon in Movenpick. Drinks are 50% off during Happy Hour. I forgot the time but it's probably from 4 PM to 6 PM. I heard that they also have a Chocolate Buffet in the afternoon. Refer to their website or Facebook page for more info. 

Boracay Sunset from Station 0, y'all. 

Thankful for times like this when I am able to experience luxury. It's pretty hard to find a space where there are no people if you watch the sunset along long beach since most of the tourists wait for it as well. <3

Uuwi na sa katotohanang hotel via Hop On and Hop Off bus. The funny thing about riding the bus was riding several times but chancing upon the same conductors (even passengers) most of the time. We were probably a bit unique 'cause we were going everywhere in those four days, maximizing our unli-ride hop on, hop off in all ways we had thought of. We didn't even have to tell Kuya since he already knows that we were alighting in Azalea Hotel. Tbh, we spent longer time riding the bus than walking along the long beach but I definitely wouldn't do this Boracay trip any other way. 

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