Lipstick Swatch: Maybelline Sensational Cushion Matte in CM06, CM07, CM10, and CM17


I bought my first two shades of this Maybelline Cushion Matte during May's 5.5 sale in Lazada since it was B1T1. A few days ago, nagpabudol na naman ako. B1T1 na naman nung 10.10 sa Lazada pa rin. Kung magpapabudol kayo sa susunod na Buy 1, Take 1 at hindi maka desisyon kung anong shade, baka makatulong 'to. hehe 

This description is from Maybelline:
Sensational Cushion Matte is the softest matte and moisturizing lip tint enriched with Vitamin E. Sensational Cushion Matte brings high impact pigment in a cushiony soft texture. With a soft focus gel and a smooth butter glide technology, it leaves your lips looking plump. It’s a multi-use formula that can also be used for cheeks and eyes.
This post will include swatches from Maybelline Cushion Matte specifically:  

CM06 - Lips on Pulse
CM07 - Urban Spice
CM10 - The Cool Rebel
CM17 - Chestnut on Point

Multipurpose matte tint that can be used on eyelids, cheek, and lips. I've only tried using these on the lips though. The shades I want from this line look similar that I didn't really felt the need to buy more aside from CM10 and CM17 but obviously, I've got no self-control when I saw that this was on B1T1 again... Five months naman pagitan... HAHAHA

My experience: 
1. The tube is a bit bulky but it looks elegant. 
2.  I don't have a hard time using the applicator. 
3. This lasts a long time on the lips without fading until I eat or drink. It also doesn't leave a stain but retouching lipsticks has never been a problem for me. I don't know how people are able to maintain their lipstick on their lips after eating 'cause I never got to do that even with Maybelline's Superstay line. 

I have no idea how to describe these shades so just let the photos below do most of the talking. 

Maybelline Cushion Matte The Cool Rebel

This is the most vivid among the four tubes I own. On some lights, it looks red-orange to me especially when it's not blotted. 

Maybelline Cushion Matte The Cool Rebel

Maybelline Cushion Matte Chestnut on Point

My favorite MLBB. 

A shade of brown that didn't make me look washed out upon application which is very rare. This looks better on me when I'm indoors 'cause it looks a shade lighter on bright outdoor light.

Maybelline Cushion Matte Chestnut on Point

Maybelline Cushion Matte Urban Spice

This looks brick red to me. 

The main reason why I bought this shade was 'cause I wanted something that looks like the bricks of the Warehouse we saw in Yokohama. HAHAHAHA. Anyway, I also like this when blotted because it looks very natural on me.

Also, since I like the blotted look more, I just remove as much as I can from the applicator before applying on my lips so as not to waste a lot of product. A tube goes a long way. 💋
Maybelline Cushion Matte Urban Spice

I look pale whenever I don't wear lipsticks and this shade, Lips on Pulse, albeit looking very light, still gives my face a little color. Out of all four, this is the hardest to use since it is quite patchy upon application. It's a good thing that it's a subtle shade so the patchiness isn't that obvious. 

Maybelline Sensational Cushion Matte when blotted. 

If you're confused on which ones to get, you're not alone. I know that there are pink, bright red, and mauve shades in this line but I decided on these four 'cause I wanted shades that will look natural on me. I like MLBB lipsticks these days because after not wearing lipsticks for majority of the days during pandemic, I'm not comfortable in wearing bright and/or dark red lippies anymore.

The Cool Rebel, Urban Spice, and Lips on Pulse kind of looked the same on me initially but upon doing the collages for all shades, there's a subtle difference among the three. Nonetheless, if I were to choose which I like more, I'd still go with my first two: Cool Rebel and Chestnut on Point. 

But below are screenshots showing the prices of these lipsticks. AHAHAHAHA. Paano po hi-hindi nung 10.10? Pero last na muna 'to. I have a few lip products aside from these four. Post ko rin siguro soon. 😂😂😂

Everything, in time. 💖


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