Maybelline NY's Sensational Liquid Matte Lip Tint

Shades: 09 Truly MLBB and 11 Made Easy

I stopped buying lipsticks for a while 'cause I figured I own to much of them these days but seeing this while I was doing grocery - I gave in. HAHAHA! I mean, I can stop myself from entering cosmetic stores but I always do groceries so.. :))) And for only P 219.00 each, wouldn't hurt to buy one, right? Oh, I mean two in this case.

Purchase your Maybelline Sensational Liquid Matte Lip Tint here.

I have pale bare lips so more often than not, I wear lipsticks. So far, products of Maybelline have always been one of my constants. 

I got these two and I'm currently thinking of getting some other shades because I like the formulation so much! True to their claim, it didn't bleed even if it was a dark/bright shade and it wasn't too drying. My lips didn't look like parched. lol

Left: Made Easy
Right: Truly MLBB

"Our blendable formula is made with micronized powder technology for a non-sticky, non-drying, and weightless feel on the lips."

I read this description on the box and obviously, I was instantly sold. :)) 

True enough it's easy to apply - notice 'yung bandang philtrum ko e crisp 'yung line na nagawa ko. The color turn out and staying power were great as well. I think you can also use the product on your cheeks and eye lids since it's a lip tint.

It feels that I am not wearing lipstick and the product transfer is minimal. There's a faint smell but it fades fast.

The main reason why I liked this formulation is that it feels light but the color is there. It's so hot these days that anything that feels sticky turns annoying. Alam mo 'yon!!! 

Anyway, while I think I did a good job with choosing MADE EASY, I'm really not into the color of Truly MLBB on me. 

Maybelline NY's Truly MLBB

I'm thinking of getting another tube of a different shade because TRULY MLBB is too nude for me. I look even paler, right?

On some lights, it doesn't look like a MY LIPS BUT BETTER shade on me but my lips but drier shade. Lol

Maybelline NY's Truly MLBB

I was thinking of using a red blush today to balance the pale lips but it skipped my mind as I was getting ready this morning. Anyway, I'll do that in the future to see if the redder cheeks and pale lips combination would work on me. 


Thinking of buying one (or three HAHA) among: Best Babe, Keep it Mellow, Sensationally Me. 

Purchase your Maybelline Sensational Liquid Matte Lip Tint here.

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