Manila, Philippines: Lucky Chinatown Food Trip

I crave for Binondo once in a while. Hahaha. Not the food in particular but the vibe, you know. I've had my fair share of misfortunes (HELLO, SNATCHER) in that place though but it's still a happy place so far. 

One thing that's difficult in Binondo is actually finding a proper parking space. Although they give out parking tickets when you parallel park on the side of the road, it can be daunting for some so for this trip, we decided to forgo of Ongpin and stayed at the mall. 

FYI: The parking fee in Lucky Chinatown Mall is a bit expensive but it's a convenient parking space when you're going to Divisoria, 999, 167, and Binondo. What we always do is park at the mall and just walk or ride a tricycle to our destination. 

Nothing can replace dining at the restaurant in Chinatown but eating in this Wai Ying food cart was enough. 

Ang cute nung kainan. haha

The are several food carts, food booths, and restaurants in this area. We haven't tried a lot of them yet but we settled for something familiar. 

I've always wanted to have a photo in this walkway but a lot of people pass by so it's kinda difficult to take a decent one.

There's an entrance fee going inside the Chinatown Museum so we didn't enter. 

The Chinese Gods of Good Luck

Fu (福) Good Fortune, Lu (禄) Prosperity, and Shou (寿) Longevity.

We got curious since a lot of people go here. Not bad. I liked my drink.

Okay, so we wanted to go to Jones Bridge by sundown but we went to this bridge instead. HAHAHA. 

Nasan ba naman kasi 'yung Jones Bridge? Hahahaaha

Merienda again before going home.

I've gone back to Binondo thrice since the bridge trip hahhaaha. Still the same old yummy food. Imma try different food next time. hehe

10 years na 'yon?!


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