Macau: Giant Panda Pavilion and Seac Pai Van Park

Macau is definitely famous for its casino but there are a lot of things to see aside from Cotai Strip also called, "the Las Vegas of Asia." Cotai truly looks like the Vegas Strip without the liberated (lol) people you can see in Las Vegas. For me, that is the only major difference of those two places 'cause a lot of the hotels are similar.

(4D4N) Macau Travel Itinerary; 'Cause it's more than a day tour

I've been to Macau twice, and to be honest, it's alright with me if I keep coming back there. Anyway, okay, andami ko na namang sinabi. 

I was reminded of this place when I read somewhere that this is a free attraction in Macau. I searched this blog for an entry but it turns out that I haven't posted any information about this before.

This is the ticket back in 2019. We paid 10 MOP for the entrance. I'm not sure about the information I've read that it's now free but I think paying 10 MOP for the experience was also worth it.

It's very easy to get here 'cause there's a bus stop in front. Just input the name of the place in Google map wherever you are in Macau and it shall provide the bus number and instruction for you.

Inside the Panda enclosure. 

Haven't seen them awake. I don't know what is the feeding time but it's probably a good idea to time your visit by that time so you can see them eating rather than sleeping. 

The first time I saw a panda was in Taiwan Zoo. 

This post also showed the growth of my hair in a year and four months, with trims every 5 months. hahaha 

Aside from the panda enclosure, there's also a mini zoo in this place. You can see monkeys, red pandas, and flamingos. 

Red Panda in July 2019

Red Panda in March 2018

Our ticket in March 2018

March weather was pleasant, more than pleasant to tour around actually 'cause it was cold. We spent four days here back then and we walked and hiked but the cool weather made all our physical activities easy. I remember mostly staying indoors in July 2019 'cause it was hot and uncomfortable.

If you have more time to spare, take a look at the map of the area especially of Seac Pai Van Park. I think there's a trail here somewhere. 

Kai Kai and Xin Xin

and Tintin

By the way, there's a gift shop in this place. Must visit if you like buying souvenirs. 

(4D4N) Macau Travel Itinerary; 'Cause it's more than a day tour

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