Lorys Hair Cream and A Bonne Hair Spa

I had my hair rebonded last December and since then, I've been taking extra effort to do hair treatments once to twice a week.  

*Sorry about the quality of the pictures, someone please donate a point-and-shoot camera please. I'll forever be thankful. :>

So here's what happened, when we did grocery at Cherry Foodarama, I saw A Bonne Hair Spa (almost 200.00) treatment and Giga Shampoo Bar. (almost 50.00)

The next day, I used Giga as my shampoo then the A Bonne as my conditioner (hair spa). I left it in my hair for around 15 minutes and guess what? The ends of my hair became drier. I was shocked, of course, I thought I did a nourishing treatment. 

I don't have any other hair treatments at home and can't afford to have a salon treatment so I used A Bonne again the next day. Yay! My hair regained its softness and became shinier. I used it after shampooing my hair, rinsed it and applied conditioner again. The product that made my hair dry was Giga Shampoo Bar. Tsktsk

When I used up all my A Bonne hair treatment, I went to Landmark at Trinoma to repurchase and while I was looking at other options, I saw Lorys Hair Cream on one of their shelves. It costs P 148.00 for a 500g bottle, 50.00 pesos cheaper than A Bonne Hair Spa so I decided to give it a try and bought the Duo Chocolate Variant. Why? I love chocolates! Next to the price, that's the reason. If I always feed myself chocolates, why not feed it to my hair too? Haha

There are two options: one is to used it as a replacement for your daily conditioner and the other, as intensive conditioning treatment- I use it for the latter. Once to twice a week, 30 minutes before bathing, I put the product on my dry hair and cover it with cling wrap to make it penetrate more. (Read that somewhere, in replacement for a shower cap) Rinse it then shampoo. Don't skip the shampoo part though, not shampooing will make your hair oily. To be honest, I'm lazy doing treatments of any sort but how can I not do it when the scent is an added positive reinforcer?

According to the bottle, Duo Chocolate has thermal activated silicone developed for intensive care and conditioning of damaged and sensitive hair. I sooo loved the smell (chocolatey!) and it did make my hair softer, shinier and somehow straighter. My hair's long and thick, when I say thick, I really mean thick so I emptied the jar in just 4 uses.

I bought the Fruit Cocktail variant the other day and again, it didn't disappoint me. I thought that I'd only like the Duo Chocolate scent but I was wrong although I loved DC, I now became biased with the Fruit Cocktail's scent. This variant, according to the bottle, is for all hair types.

Hehe. I've just purchased my second tub and have only used it once but I'm already planning for my third, gonna try their Nutri-Sun Gloss since I need more UV protection 'cause I don't always use umbrella. 

There's nothing I hate in both A Bonne Hair Spa Treatment and Lorys Hair Cream, both do their jobs but I prefer the latter; It smells better and is less expensive. Since I am now always on the look out on hair products that are inexpensive and get their work done, Thank God I found Lory's Hair Cream. Byebye, dry  hair and expensive salon hair treatments!

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