Love Desserts At Banawe, Quezon City

I love sweets and as soon as I found out about Love Desserts, I've been wanting to eat there. And yesterday was the fated day.

Waffle (it was  tasteless but I appreciated it to balance all the sweetness of my other foods), brownies, crema de fruta

Milk Tea (Tastes like what I've been making at home; just a combination of  tea and milk. I wonder what it is with milk tea cafes that give their teas a distinct and delicious taste?)

Cream puff,  chocolate cream puff (?), marshmallow and melted chocolate from the chocolate fountain. I LOVE EVERYTHING IN THIS PLATE

banana-chocolate crepe. It was somewhat dry and  I'm used to  crepes with ice cream and all so this one's too plain. My fault though, I had every ingredient to decorate and combine this with but I didn't. Haha. What the hell was I thinking then? THERE ARE ICE CREAMS AND CHOCOLATES AVAILABLE!!

sylvanna (hard and too sweet for me)

mais con yelo (My ever favorite mais con yelo. I actually wanted to have round 2 of this but I can't swallow it anymore.)
I thought that I ate too much yesterday but upon viewing these pictures, what I had wasn't a lot. Maybe because I've just eaten my lunch then that I got filled immediately. Oh whatever, the buffet price is P 199.00 so it's still sulit. What's sulit? Haha. It's uhm,getting more than what someone paid for.

I didn't get to take pictures of their buffet but here are the other choices that I can remember: Halo-Halo, Cakes, Champorado, Fruit Salad, Empanada, Ice Creams, Coffee, Cookies and many more. There are also Ala Carte foods, just see the menu. See? Isn't that sulit? Indeed a restaurant for my fellow sweet toothed.

Love DessertsBanawe

915 Banawe St cor G Roxas Ave
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 348-3551 source

Commute? Di ako familiar pero... Quezon Ave at dun sa paglagpas ng Araneta Avenue, Puregold Jr. (?) at Mcdo na currently on renovation'yun na 'yung  Banawe, may terminal ng jeep sa may bandang likod noon na dumadaan ng Philippine Orthopedic Hospital, ride that. Diretso lang hanggang sa dulong terminal niya ulit.  Kapag nadaan ka ng Terriyaki Boy at Serenitea, hindi ka pa naliligaw. Pagdating ng jeep sa terminal, lakad lang ulit at tawid sa intersection. May construction site dun o construction ata tas malapit na. Sa may kanto, may building at 'yun na. :)) Gulo ko lang diba? Basta diresto lang at nasa left kung papasok ng Banawe. hehe

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