TonTon Massage, Congressional (now Sabai-Sabai)

UPDATE (NOV. 3, 2014) This is still one of my favorite massage places and that's obvious given that this was posted in 2012 and until now, we find ourselves going back once to twice a month. Anyhow, Tonton Massage in Joroma Building, Congressional Avenue has been renovated and is now called, Sabai-Sabai Authentic Thai Massage. There has been a great change in the interior. I am not that particular with how the place looks but I'm still posting pictures here. 

This is their current price list.
Notice that they now have "lavender oil" option.
That's a great add-on especially for people who don't appreciate dry massage. 
The new area for foot massage.
Although this place is dimly-lit and you're not supposed to mind other people, I think that I would find it awkward if someday there'd be another client seating and having a foot massage also in front of me. 
Yesterday was their re-opening day and it was a solid 2 1/2 hours body massage for me. Hehe.
1 hour body
1 hour back
1/2 hour foot
Pwede na rin mag-shower for P 50.00

For the massage, it's still Thai so please refer to my post below. 

We became tambays of Congressional Avenue today. It's not like we don't loiter there on other days, just that, we did lots of things this afternoon. One of today's itinerary was the uber-relaxing traditional Thai massage from TonTon Traditional Thai Massage Center. 

This is the receiving area.
Customer's wait there until the masseuse are done preparing.

I know the rates aren't readable. Anyway, rate from 12NN to 6PM is cheaper than 6PM-2AM. We paid 250.00 for a whole body massage.

My body has been aching. I needed this. OMG. I don't know what to expect since we were only frequenting Shiatzu and Traditional Filipino.
Thai Massage first timer here!
They handed us this slippers to change into.

We washed our feet first. On other spas there were flower petals but this would do. 
It was dark if not for the lamp shades hanging on the wall and only white thick curtains divide the area but I couldn't care less. Relaxing music were playing in the background and no outside noises can be heard considering that Congre is now a very busy Avenue; it was so quiet you could hear the ticking of the clock. I also loved the fact that the place was dim.
Those are my clothes hanging since we were asked to change to loose clothing. There weren't lots of bare skin since we were wearing pajamas the entire session. Also, Thai massage is a dry massage meaning they didn't use oils or lotions. Both plus for me 'cause I don't like that I have to be naked (top) during massages and I sometimes don't like them putting oil especially when I still have other things to do after; the feeling's so sticky.

I can't really describe how the whole massage went but Ate stretched, massage, squeezed, and properly located all the pressure points. It was like I was doing yoga with her help.
They offered us tea before leaving.

Erm,  So relaxing, I forgot the meaning of stress for a time. I hope to come back there soon.

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  1. can you remember how much siya by 6 pm onwards? thanks :)

  2. Hello! 1 hour body massage? If not 300.00, it's 350.00 :)