Love Breads? Try Tous Les Jours

Oh, the name sounds familiar. 

My brother came home today with two plastic bags filled with breads from a Korean Bakery in SM North, Tous Les Jours. According to him, roughly around 8:30 PM on weekday nights, the store puts up 50% discount on most of its products. This practice assures clients that they get fresh breads everyday, 'cause all left-overs are sold during the night. And for us, cheaper yet super delicious 빵. You'd have to wait for the closing time and race with others though since there are lots of people already waiting in the area and rush to the store whenever the sign is placed. That idea kind of thrills me, I would love to experience it one night.

He got everything for 249.00 instead of around 500.00 and there were like so many and all of them taste so good. I was so busy eating that I forgot to ask what are the names of each and wasn't able to capture pictures of all the bread. But I'd still tell you which I liked best; custard cream bun and the one with cream cheese filling. :))

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