Sihae in Manila! :">

Last May, I wrote a post and I quote, "If  they were real... OMG!"


under the same roof as me. hahaha!

Before this, I didn't have that much like towards Donghae kaso... wala, ang gwapo eh. OMG lang talaga!! 

Arrived at Trinoma around 4 PM, there were lots of people already and I can't find a place where I can get a glimpse of the Oppas. So fine, I just sat down on the bench near the third floor department store and I was already willing to wait (nakakapagod makipag-siksikan at makipag-tulakan) until it ends so I can meet up with my friends who were somewhere in the sea of people but minutes before they went up the stage, some fans broke through the railings and I immediately followed them (wala ng nagawa 'yung mga guard) so... 

Blurred but look at the screen! Hangkyut niya. :">
I don't know if akward lang talaga 'yung mga moments na nakunan ko, or they really looked tired. 

Kahit nakapikit, gwapo pa rin. :))

오빠, 뽀뽀를 원해요?저 한테서? hahaha.
I left before the event ended.

I felt tooooooo much envy to those people who were able to go up the stage for a high five and a handshake. :|

아까, 동해 오빠와 시원 오빠가 보지만 저는 너무 너무 멀었어요. 다음에,  가까운 곳  있으면 더 좋을 것 같아요. 

오빠들, 아주 멋있어요. 사랑해요. ᄏᄏ

Bench, 고마워. 

Buti na lang nagpunta ko! :))

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