Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi at BonChon Chicken

I decided to take a break from my two pieces chicken order here at BonChon and got this, Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi instead. So far, aside from their chicken, I've tasted this and their fish fillet.

P 145.00 / meal

Albeit not being a fan of too saucy and sweet viands, this tastes great. Medyo nagkulang lang 'yung chicken, (I might add an order of chicken the next time I order this for P 40.00), good thing there was enough sauce I was able to eat all the rice.

This had chicken fillet, onion and onion leeks with, of course, their Bulgogi sauce.

The only problem we had for that day was the service was too slow. They asked to wait for 10 minutes for our orders but ended up waiting for more than 20 minutes, it was past lunch time so we were really hungry prior to going there then we had to wait for so long. K. Fine. Tapos na.

BonChon at BGC. 

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