Happy Lemon's Green Tea With Rocksalt and Cheese

Albeit not being able to recall which was the first milk tea I've tasted this, Happy Lemon's Green Tea With Rock Salt, is the first I've tried if you're going to talk about those teas which have creams on top.

This was my basis or standard upon ordering similar drinks at Gong Cha, Chatime etc.  Hmm, this was the first I had and I was satisfied so I wanted to try and compare it with somewhere else's version.

And after around 6 months, it's only now I've ordered this again so, I don't know. Was I not really paying attention to its taste before? Why is it that this tastes like flowers? A mild jasmine tea if I'm not mistaken. I seriously didn't notice the floral taste then.

Upon tasting this again, Chatime's Oolong Tea Mousse tops my list.

For Happy Lemon, I'm back to Milk Tea With Oreo Cookies and Cream or I might just try something else. :>

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