Chef D' Angelo Buffet at Glorietta 5

Re-tried this buffet now on a different branch, my first was in MOA last March.

First was this water with slices of mushroom and egg, which was okay. Haha. This is a mushroom soup which was really okay albeit the amount of water.

I liked these breaded fish fillet strips they weren't oily.
G5 branch had fewer food options compared to MOA.
They're still okay if you're concerned with the taste but, I want my pepperoni pizza and baby potatoes.
Margherita Pizza and a spoonful of Macaroni Salad which had hard macaroni. 

We waited and they served these pizzas. I wasn't able to eat the Hawaiian slices though, my cousin got them before I even sat on my chair.
Of course, they taste better when hot.

There were pastas but I don't feel that they're masaya so I settled with these, which made me feel like how it's to be a pesco-vegetarian.

Since my first visit set an expectation, I just felt a little disappointed with regards to the quantity of tonight's buffet. I was expecting something else, something I'm not sure what. 
But, it's just me who's nag-iinarte. The price is well worth it for P 175.00/person since you can eat everything there... if you can.

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