Leche Tin (Gulaman)

Ano ba makukuha sa gelatin?

I've been eating gelatin for years (unflavored nga lang o kaya pag may gatas, ayoko 'yung maasim) before I raised that question of what nutrients are in a gelatin. I decided to search my knowledgeable friend, google, and found out that it's full of proteins and amino-acids. However, as I was searching, I also found out that gelatin is made from animals? Which part of animals? Bones, pigskin..., animal collagen. Whaaatthefff? From what I know, gelatin from the Philippines aren't animal derived but from a seaweed. So, I continued searching and yes, eventhough gelatin and gulaman are interchangeable in the Philippine context, the ingredients are very much different. Gulaman's derived from a seaweed with a scientific name of Gracilaria Compressa or Agar-Agar for a more familiar name (I think) More infos.: 123 and 4

So, the other day, we had that dessert from Goldilock's named Cathedral's Window which I didn't like at all because of the sour taste of the gulaman. But since I wanted to eat, I just cooked my own gulaman, apparently we had Lady's Choice Clear Alsa at home and other ingredients as well, I decided to make Leche Tin instead.  A combination of Leche Flan ingredients and gelatin.

Note: Too lazy to look up the measurements so I didn't follow any on this, I just made it according to my taste... or instinct. 

2 eggs, 1 Can of Evaporated Milk,  1/2 Can of Condensed Milk for 1 box of unflavored alsa.

Alsa is sold in those small boxes which would be easier to cook rather than this one that we have at home. Tantiyahan 'to ng sobra, nakakatamad kumuha ng timbangan.

Mix the first three ingredients and cook the alsa or gulaman of choice as per the package instruction.
While simmering, add the egg mixture while constantly stirring and just wait for a while before transferring everything into a mold.

Just wait for it to set, harden? And enjoy!

Simple, right? I know some people likes more ingredients on theirs, but I prefer to make it with just these four.


1. It's better to use colored gulaman, of course, to add more color. This looks too pale if you're gonna serve it like this.
2. It also tastes good even if  it's just a combination of all-purpose cream and gulaman. . 

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