Starr's Famous Shakes and Chubby Chicken, Katipunan

Katipunan has a lot of restaurants and fastfood joints so the place is always worth visiting. Syempre, with hopes that the traffic is not that heavy but it's very rare that it is not these days. I don't know what has happened but it seems that the traffic situation in the Philippines has worsen. Traffic na rin sa mga lugar na hindi naman usually traffic dati. Tsk.

Pagkain na lang pampa-good vibes.

I think my order was mixberry banana. I don't know what happened to me too but it seems like I'm more inclined to order a strawberry flavored everything these days. I'd usually go for matcha or chocolate but stores offering matcha is rare so it's usually chocolate but these days even if chocolate is an option, I'd still order strawberry. Baguio pls. Hahahaha.

Their milkshake is good and priced less than a hundred pesos. Hindi ko nga namalayan na naubos ko na 'yan agad. 
The fastfood beside Starr's milkshake is Chubby Chicken

It's not the usual double fried/soy garlic chicken because of the garlic sauce. I'm a "dip/sauce-person" if that kind of person exists, gusto ko madalas 'yung may sinasawsawan ehh so the sauce was a plus for me. The serving is huge though I forgot how much the price was but it's less than P 150.00 for two big pieces of chicken. Pwede na! 
Chubby Oreos

With chubby oreos, oh nothing can go wrong when you combine fried oreos with ice cream.

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