Afters Espresso and Desserts, Sct. Castor

I have always had problems dining alone whenever I'm in public. In fact, I am proud (or should I be ashamed?) that in my more than twenty years of existence in this world, the ratio of me eating alone and eating with someone is probably 1:100. And... of those 1's out of 100's, there's still a ratio of 1:50 for rice meals (1) and burger, pizza, pasta etc. (50). Seryoso 'to, as in pag wala akong kasama hangga't kaya at pwede kong tiisin, tinitiis ko na lang 'yung gutom hanggang sa makarating ako sa bahay. Magkaubusan na ng adipose tissues saka sumakit na ulo ko sa gutom pero maghihintay na lang ako kesa kumain mag-isa. This is the reason why I have high regards someone who can manage and who isn't uncomfortable to eat alone in public. 

But there will come a time when you just want to be alone for a couple of hours before going back to reality and I found my "safe space" here in Afters Espresso along Tomas Morato. I know this is not a big accomplishment but for the first time (I really think that this is the first time), I ate alone not because I have to but because I chose to. Just like what the adage says, "the only person you have to make friends with is yourself and you'll never be alone." I should get it over with and be more at ease with just me. So very much easier said that done so enoughhh. This isn't about me but about Afters. :))

For my matcha latte, it looked good but lacked the taste. It was so mild and diluted that the only thing that made this matcha was its green color. Or maybe not that bad but for those who are like me who would rather drink bitter matcha rather than those creamy/milky ones, this wouldn't be for you either.

For my chocolate cheesecake, I like it although I'm not really certain if there are qualities in this cheesecake that would stand out from the rest. I am interested to try their other cakes and gelatos though, heard they're mostly good stuff.

As for the ambiance, I don't know if I was just in the mood for some peace and quiet but it is a cozy place. I was lucky there were only six customers and all of us were by ourselves. For that time and that day, it was a great place to kill time and for me-times. 

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